Best Car Rental Booking Websites with Cheap Prices in 2023

Best websites to rent cars

What people don’t tell you about traveling to a new country or a new city is that sometimes the cost of commute ends up costing more than the rest. Fortunately, there are a ton of websites that offer cheap car rental deals.

There are a ton of reasons why people prefer to rent cars rather than simply commute. For one, it’s cheaper and more convenient since you have the vehicle to yourself and you don’t have to wait in lines or wait another hour to catch a ride.

Another problem is that it’s quite difficult to find a place to rent cars in some places. So, that’s why in this article, we’ve listed out the best websites to book cars for you to try out!

Why should I rent a car?

For the most part, you can really just use the public transportation in the city or country that you’re at but, there might be a possibility that commuting is difficult, confusing, or expensive.

So, why should you rent a car? Simply because it’s convenient!

Renting a car or a scooter is convenient in many ways like:

  1. It’s affordable. In most countries, especially in Asian countries, renting scooters is the go-to for experienced travelers because it’s actually cheaper than buying MRT/LRT passes.
  2. It’s time-efficient. We hate waiting for buses, trains, or taxis to catch rides and we know you do too! That’s why we love renting cars instead because of the fact that it saves us so much time from commuting! We don’t have to wait in line to buy tickets and we don’t have to wait half an hour for the next MRT, LRT, or bus. Although in some countries, public transportations are always on time, we can’t say the same about others.
  3. You can choose where to go. We’re not saying that you can’t choose where to go when you’re using public transportation. What we mean is that you can go specifically to where you want. You don’t have to get off at the bus stop which is two blocks away from your destination because you have a car that can take you there directly! You also don’t have to worry if there’s limited public transportation at your destination because your own vehicle can take you there instead.

Even if renting can be a bit pricey, the convenience of it really is priceless. These three reasons will surely make your experience a lot more enjoyable!

Finding affordable and cheap car rentals doesn’t have to be difficult. Again, with the help of the internet, businesses now have made it possible to reach you or for you to reach them.

Here are the Best Car and Scooter Rental Booking Websites for People on a Budget.


Rentalcars.com is on our list because if you’ve read our blog about the best booking websites for cheap accommodations, you’ll know that we trust Booking.com whole-heartedly! Rentalcars.com and Booking.com are owned by the same company, Booking Holdings!

Just by its name, Rentalcars.com specializes in renting out cars. They are the largest online car rental service in the world with over 900 partners in around 160 countries!

The website is easy to navigate and is pretty straightforward. You will simply type in your pick-up location, the date of pick-up and drop off, and search! The site will instantly bring you to the search results. Filter option is very easy to use from Car specs to Mileage, you can search based on your preferences.

They have tons of different car options like the simplest SUVs, electric cars, or luxury cars. Of course, availability will depend on the city or country that you are in. Cancellations are free on most bookings too which is neat!

Check out Rentalcars.com here.


Skyscanner Car Rentals

Skyscanner is another rental website that has the cheapest options on the internet!

This, however, is a search engine which means that it will search the web for results and bring them back to you and if you want to hire a car, you’ll be brought to another website.

Still, Skyscanner offers some of the best deals out there. You can also use the filters provided to search for specific characteristics you want. They will provided you the cheapest option but also show you pricier options as well.

What we liked the most about Skyscanner is that it isn’t limited to car rentals. You can also scan through deals on flights and hotels which is quite convenient because you have all the things you need in one place, except for the attractions!

Skyscanner also shows you all the additional fees that you’ll be paying so you won’t be surprised about hidden fees popping up when you’re about to book!

You do have to be careful since Skyscanner is merely a search engine, an aggregator in other words, it might present you sites that are not as good compared to others. So, like always, we recommend you to compare deals between each other just to be sure!

Check out Skyscanner’s website here.


Kayak Car Rentals

Kayak is another great website which we featured in our blog about the cheapest booking websites for accommodations. It’s back again on our blog because Kayak is not just a search enhgine for accommodations but it’s also great for cheap car rentals!

Kayak is also an easy tool to search for car rentals because it searches the internet for you. It goes through the biggest booking sites to look for the best deals and also brings them back to you. In other words, it’s another aggregator tool you can use to make your travel planning better.

What we like about Kayak is that it shows you a map that you can use to look for a car rental’s location. The filter also allows you to narrow down your search to your own specifications.

Aside from the featured prices, there’s a “View Deal” button you can hover to to see other cheaper deals from other websites as well as deals that offer “pay later” options.

To save more money, don’t forget to signup for a free account to get 35% off your booking! In addition to this, you can get even more savings by using Kayak because it has exclusive deals on their websites as well as their mobile app!

And if you don’t like computing the costs by yourself, don’t worry because Kayak will do the computing for you. They will also include all the additional fees and taxes to make it easier on your part!

To see cheap deals on car rentals, visit Kayak’s website here.


Momondo Car Rentals

Momondo is another website which is also owned by Booking Holdings just like Agoda, Booking.com, and the first website on our list, Rentalcars.com.

Momondo is also a search engine that is similar to Kayak. Simply put, it’s another aggregator that searches the web for you so that you won’t have to jump from one website to another. But since it’s an aggregator, you do get taken to another website once you decide to book a deal.

The website was hailed as the Wilhelmina Skog Award for Best Meta Travel Site in 2019 and 2020! And it’s to no surprise since Momondo in itself is an awesome travel website fit for travelers who are looking for cheap deals for anything that concerns travel!

Momondo has partnered with companies like Europcar, Avis, and Hertz to give you the best car options for your trip.

But the best part about Momondo is it gives you the option to share your car with other travelers. Though, this might not be enticing to those who are traveling with their families, friends, and in a group but we think that this is great for solo travelers who are not afraid to meet other people. At the same time, car sharing can save you money even more!

Just like the other websites mentioned, Momondo also shows all the additional fees that you’re expected to pay on top of the base price. This ensures that you won’t have to worry about hidden fees!

We’re not quite sure if this is fun for everyone but what we think is quite exciting about Momondo is that you will not know which agency you’re booking until it’s time to pay. Though, we do think that this raises some concerns but if you’re up for this Russion Roulette kind of thing, then Momondo is the one for you!

Visit Momondo Website Here


Priceline Car rentals

The last on our list is yet another site owned by Booking Holdings. Priceline is an online travel agency which aims to provide travel-related products at discounted rates. Just like its sister companies, Priceline is not just limited to car rentals but it also offer hotel deals and airline ticket deals!

Priceline is quite unique from other websites mentioned here because you can get great opaque deals. This means that you won’t know which car rental agency you’ll be booking from until the end.

Sometimes, we really don’t know what we want and it takes a lot of effort to choose. So, let Priceline choose for you through their ‘Express Deals’! This is awesome if you haven’t chosen any rental agency yet! Priceline also has the ‘Supplier’s Choice’ where you’re told which car rental agency you’ll be booking in but you won’t know which vehicle you’ll get.

We don’t know about you but it’s quite interesting to do the planning that way. Though, we understand the concerns about quality and all that jazz but Priceline makes sure that your bookings are safe!

Plus, if you log in to their website, you’ll get 20% your bookings on top of the discounted prices. By logging in, you will also see VIP prices which means you’ll great even great deals that are worth the price!

Another thing to mention is that Priceline gained popularity through its tools which are the ‘Priceline Negotiator’ and the ‘Name Your Own Price’. However, both tools have already phased out. The Name Your Own Price tool was basically bidding money for the car until you get the best deal. If your bid gets accepted then you’ll rent the car for yourself!

Searching for results is also quite easy in Priceline. The website provides filter options that will help you narrow down your search thus making a more accurate result specific to your liking!

Looking to book a car on Priceline? Visit their website now!


You don’t have to look far and wide to rent a car. Thankfully, there are tons of websites out there that offer us car rentals without the hassle! But among those websites, we’ve rounded out the best ones which are Rentalcars.com, Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo, and Priceline.

So, on your next journey, you can try out these sites to make your travels a lot easier. There are tons of websites to rent cars but why not choose the best? Take it from us!

If you think that renting a car is too much of a hassle, you may consider looking for a day tour that includes transport!

Have you ever tried any of these car rental websites? Which one was it and how was your experience? Comment down below to help our friends too!

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