5 Best Websites to Book Tours and Attraction Tickets Around The World

Best Websites to Book Tours and Attraction Tickets Around The World

One of the struggles of planning your own trip is figuring out where to go and what to do. And even when we’ve figured out the tours and the attractions we’d like to see, sometimes the prices are unclear or downright expensive!

The good news is that we’re in the digital age and the internet allows us to find everything all in the same place. With all the websites that offer deals for tours and attractions, the information is endless! However, knowing where to look will help you save a lot more and ensures that your bookings are safe and secured!

So, the question now is, “What websites can we use to find the best deals on tours and attraction tickets?”

Well, you’re on the right track because, in this article, we will be sharing with you the websites we trust when it comes to booking cheap and affordable tours and attraction tickets all over the world!

Best Travel Websites to Book Tours and Attraction Tickets

Here are the travel websites we trust and recommend to you in planning your next trip!


Klook is best for tours in Asia, if you’re looking for tours in Europe or America, use the below tour booking websites like Civitatis and GetYourGuide.

Klook Tour Booking Website

Somehow, somewhere we’ve heard of Klook. It is one of the most popular booking platforms for traveling. It offers bookings for hotels, attractions, tours, and more!

Klook was founded in 2014 by Ethan Lin, Eric Gnock Fah, and Bernie Xiong and is based in Hong Kong. It started out in Asia where it gained popularity and unprecedented success. It has since expanded globally and has become one of the world’s trusted booking websites with most users in Asia and Europe, and a good chunk in America!

Download the Klook App

To make it even more convenient, Klook is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, giving you all the perks and benefits at the palm of your hand! You can get 5% OFF your first booking using the Klook App.

In Klook, travelers can discover hot tourist spots, must-try restaurants and cheap eats, the best tours to take, and inexpensive accommodations. Basically, with Klook, you can find almost everything you need and help you choose with other 100,000 activities from over 300 destinations worldwide!

Read reviews of past experiences

And if you’re unsure whether an attraction is worth your money, Klook gathers reviews from different sources and give you feedback from REAL travelers. The customer ratings feature is a helpful one which keeps you away from disappointment!

Klook has made it convenient for you because it caters to eight languages and transactions can be done through 36 currencies! Bookings can be redeemed through QR codes and e-vouchers which can instantly be used as soon as you arrive at your destination. Find a tour or attraction ticket in the country you’re planning to go to by searching below.



Civitatis Tour and Attraction Booking Website

Civitatis is the largest online travel marketplace that mainly caters to the Spanish and Latin market.

Civitatis was created by Alberto Gutiérrez who came up with the great idea of creating a website which enables people to book tours online. He himself went through the struggles of getting activities and services in Spanish while going on a trip in Morocco. His idea was well-received by the Spanish-speaking market that the company became a leader in selling tours and activities in Spanish around the world!

Wide range of tours available

This website is perfect for travelers who like to discover and explore new destinations, meet new people, and experience different cultures. Searching for tours on this website is easy since it allows for a detailed filter on searches.

Go on extraordinary experiences such as trekking, rafting, river cruises, and even expeditions to hard-to-reach areas! If your travel styles is laid back, you can also book calm tours that will allow you to simply relax and be comfortable.

Real tour reviews by participants

Reviews and ratings you can read are also provided for each experience you’ve searched for to help you put your doubts and worries to rest.

We put faith in Civitas because of its 10-year experience in travel and tours which ensures us that it has gone beyond and above to stay as one of the most reliable travel agency online!

You do have to take note that Civitas is catered towards the Spanish and Latin market which means that most tours will be in Spanish or English only.

Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide Tour Booking Website

GetYourGuide is another online travel agency that we trust!

GetYourGuide is a Berlin-based online travel market that offers tour guides and excursions. This startup has over 60,000 products from over 150 countries, 22 languages, and transacts through 40 currencies!

Since its establishment in 2009, GetYourGuide has helped travelers from 170 countries gain access to 30 million tours, attractions and more! It has the second biggest catalog of fun activities to choose from on the web!

Skip The Line Feature

This is one of the best websites to find unique experiences that you may want to add to your travel plans. And if you hate waiting in lines, GetYourGuide offers the “front of the line” feature which prioritizes you from others in the crowd. Although you might still go through security checks at some attractions but aside from that, you won’t have to squirm in a crowd just get a hold of a ticket to your chosen attraction. This save you time for waiting and gives you more time on enjoying!

You can also read through the reviews by real travelers to help you further decide which activities you want to put on your itinerary!


Viator Tour and Attraction booking website

Viator is an online travel agency based in the United States with over 17 years of travel and tours experience. It specializes in booking tours, activities, and excursions, and offers up to 200,000 options!

Well-established Online Travel Agency

This website gathers all the best deals around the world for concerts, cultural programs, and many more that cannot be found on other websites. Viator partners with tour operators, attractions, and providers making it possible to plan your trip in advance.

American travel company, TripAdvisor, acquired ownership of Viator which made it possible to book tours from Viator on TripAdvisor’s website. Everything that is sold on Viator will also automatically appear on TripAdvisor.

The website caters to 13 languages and transaction are offered through 8 currencies!

Quality Checked Tours

What makes Viator a great online travel booking website is that all experiences are tested before being displayed on the site to check their reliability and safety. So, if you’re worried about these things, rest assured that if Viator approves of it, you don’t have to worry about it! In addition to this, you can also read real reviews from real travelers!

Viator is surely another website that caters to your travel needs and desires no matter what it is!


Tiqets Attractions Ticket Booking Website

The last on our list is Tiqets, an Amsterdam-based online travel agency established in 2013 which focuses on entrance tickets for museums and attractions.

Tickets to Attractions Worldwide

The purpose of Tiqets is pretty straightforward━ offer tickets to popular attractions from all over the world!

What sets Tiqets apart from other attraction websites is that they offer fun tours for people who are into history. This way, travelers can learn something as they enjoy and have fun!

Download tickets straight to your phone

Another thing Tiqets do is that it gives you the convenience of downloading your tickets straight to your smartphone. No need to print your tickets or worry about losing them because you can simply show the ticket on your phone when you arrive at the venue. You can order tickets in 7 languages and pay through 10 different currencies.

Ticket Validity up to 2 Years

Want to buy tickets but are not sure when you’re going to use it? No worries! Tiqets offer tickets that are valid up to 2 years! There are also verified customers who will give you “insider tips” about the attraction you want to visit.

What can an attraction/tour website do for me?

The best thing about traveling is that you get to experience new places, culture, and food. You go on trips to discover wonders and even meet other people along the way. But planning it is not always the best experience especially if it’s your first time to travel to your chosen destination or if you will be having company where, in that case, you have to take into consideration what they like and prefer!

Find a tour suitable for your needs

Travel booking websites are great places to find the best deals that fit your budget and your time. Most of these websites cover everything you need from general information to schedules to routes and even discounts and bundles that help you save money and time.

If you do not know where to go

Want to find hidden gems in your chosen destination? Tour booking websites got you covered! They will tell you where and will even show you how to get there! Want to know the best time to visit a country or an attraction? Attraction booking websites will tell you exactly when the best time is! These websites will even show you reviews gathered from all over the internet to help you know if an attraction or tour is worth trying out!

Plan your whole day’s activity for you

These online travel agency websites will save you from frustration in surfing from one website to another all for a single piece of information. You don’t even have to wait in a long line just to secure a spot for your chosen attractions because these travel websites will secure the spot for you and they can even tell you if spots are available on your chosen date.

So, long story short, travel booking websites offer you convenience on top of cheap prices in planning your trips!

A Short List of Reasons Why You Need Travel Booking Websites

Here is a short list of reasons why you need to use tour websites:

  1. Finding deals and discounts. Attraction booking websites search the internet for deals and discounted prices and present them to you in one place. They even have special discounts for you from time to time.
  2. Budget. You can easily compute your budget because travel websites give you an overview of how much you’re going to spend before you book anything, this includes taxes and additional fees that you might overlook if you did the computing yourself.
  3. Time. Booking on travel websites allows you to save time in searching for the best deals. In addition, you don’t have to contact every single attraction to ask for availability, schedules, bookings, etc. You can skip the long lines too!
  4. Flexibility and versatility. The travel websites cater to your every need and that includes your travel style. It does not matter if you’re traveling alone or with a group or your family, travel websites help you optimize your trip to however you plan it to be. They can even suggest travel ideas you’ve never thought of, specific to you or your group!


The most stressful part about planning trips or vacations is the hassle of scanning and skimming through websites upon websites for a few information. Luckily, there are travel booking websites that help you in doing so!

You can save time, energy, and money by booking through our trusted websites: Klook, Viator, GetYourGuide, Civitatis, and Tiqets!

All of these websites are convenient for you to use and we’re confident that no matter what you need or how you want your trips to go, these tours and attraction websites will give you the answers!

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