14 Best Things To Do In Damaguete, Philippines

Dumaguete, often referred to as the “City of Gentle People,” is a charming coastal city on Negros Island in the Philippines. Beyond its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Dumaguete is a treasure trove of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and exciting adventures. With its stunning beaches, vibrant marine life, and rich history, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking relaxation, Dumaguete has a diverse range of activities and attractions. In this article, we’ll explore the best things to do in Dumaguete, making your visit to this beautiful city truly memorable.

1. Silliman University

Silliman University, nestled in the heart of Dumaguete City, is a renowned institution in the Philippines. Established in 1901, it stands as one of the oldest American-founded universities in Asia. The campus is a picturesque haven with sprawling acacia trees, historic architecture, and a vibrant atmosphere. The university is celebrated for its commitment to academic excellence and community engagement. With a diverse student body and a wide range of courses, Silliman offers a quality education that attracts scholars from across the Philippines and the world. Visitors to the university can also appreciate its various landmarks, including the Silliman Hall, which houses the Anthropology Museum, and the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium, known for its cultural events and performances.

Silliman University is not just an educational institution; it’s a vital part of Dumaguete’s cultural and social fabric. Its influence extends beyond the campus, contributing to the development and enrichment of the city. The university has a strong commitment to community outreach and various programs, making it a place where students, faculty, and staff are actively involved in the betterment of the region. Whether you’re a prospective student, a tourist exploring Dumaguete, or a curious visitor, Silliman University is a place where you can appreciate both the beauty of its campus and the enduring impact it has on the community and the Philippines as a whole.

2. Rizal Boulevard

Rizal Boulevard is a stunning seaside promenade in Dumaguete City, and it stands as one of the city’s most cherished landmarks. Named after the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, this boulevard offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and urban charm. Stretching over 780 meters along the coast, it is known for its tall palm trees that sway in the sea breeze, providing a tranquil setting for a leisurely stroll, morning jog, or simply relaxing and enjoying the captivating view of the sea and the surrounding islands. The vibrant atmosphere on Rizal Boulevard is a reflection of Dumaguete’s relaxed and welcoming vibe, making it a favorite destination for both locals and tourists.

While Rizal Boulevard is ideal for unwinding and admiring the sunsets, it also offers various dining and entertainment options. The boulevard features a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can savor local and international cuisine, including fresh seafood. In the evenings, the boulevard comes alive with food stalls and lively gatherings, creating a convivial and bustling atmosphere. Additionally, it’s not unusual to find cultural events, street performers, and local artists showcasing their talents. Rizal Boulevard is not just a scenic destination; it’s the heart of Dumaguete’s social and cultural life, a testament to the city’s vibrant spirit and warm hospitality.

3. Apo Island

Apo Island is a small but captivating island located just a few kilometers off the coast of Dumaguete in the Philippines. It’s renowned for its world-class marine sanctuary and exceptional opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. The island’s surrounding waters are home to a thriving coral reef ecosystem, teeming with diverse marine life, including colorful corals, various fish species, sea turtles, and other fascinating underwater creatures. It’s a paradise for nature lovers, underwater enthusiasts, and those seeking an eco-friendly and sustainable travel experience.

Apo Island’s commitment to marine conservation is remarkable. Local communities work closely to protect the fragile underwater environment, and the sanctuary’s success is evident in the abundant marine life and pristine reefs. Visitors have the chance to swim with turtles, explore vibrant coral gardens, and witness the richness of the underwater world. Whether you’re a novice snorkeler or an experienced diver, Apo Island offers a unique opportunity to connect with the ocean, promote responsible tourism, and contribute to the preservation of our natural heritage. Beyond the underwater adventures, the island itself is a tranquil and picturesque destination, boasting stunning views, laid-back beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a perfect escape for those seeking both the beauty of nature and the serenity of island life.

4. Apo Island Marine Sanctuary

The Apo Island Marine Sanctuary, situated just off the coast of Dumaguete in the Philippines, is a testament to successful marine conservation and ecotourism efforts. This sanctuary is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, thriving coral reefs, and vibrant marine life. Established in the early 1980s, it was among the pioneering marine-protected areas in the country, aiming to protect and rehabilitate the coral reefs and the biodiversity they sustain. The sanctuary’s commitment to preserving the marine ecosystem has made it a model for sustainable tourism.

Divers and snorkelers visiting Apo Island Marine Sanctuary can explore an underwater wonderland. The coral gardens, teeming with a variety of fish species, are complemented by encounters with sea turtles and other marine creatures. The sanctuary’s management strictly enforces guidelines to minimize the impact of human activities, such as snorkeling and diving, on the fragile marine environment. It’s an ideal place for those who wish to combine their love for underwater adventures with a commitment to marine conservation. The island also provides opportunities for above-water relaxation, with its tranquil beaches and scenic landscapes, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and responsible travelers.

5. Bais City

Bais City

Nestled in the province of Negros Oriental, just a short drive north from Dumaguete City, lies the charming coastal town of Bais. Known as the “Whale and Dolphin Watching Capital of the Philippines,” Bais City offers an enchanting blend of natural wonders and cultural experiences. The highlight of a visit to Bais is the chance to witness pods of dolphins and the gentle giants of the sea, the sperm whales, in their natural habitat.

Bais City is often referred to as the “Little Venice of the Philippines” due to its extensive river network and winding canals that snake through the town. A river cruise is a popular way to explore the city and its surroundings, allowing you to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the mangrove forests and witness diverse bird species. For nature lovers and those seeking a unique Philippine coastal experience, Bais City offers a delightful blend of marine wonders and serene landscapes.

6. Casaroro Falls

Casaroro Falls

Casaroro Falls is a mesmerizing natural wonder that beckons adventure-seekers and nature enthusiasts. Located just a short drive from Dumaguete City, this enchanting waterfall is a testament to the untouched beauty of the Philippines. To reach this hidden gem, you’ll embark on a trek through dense foliage and a cascading river, immersing yourself in the heart of the rainforest.

Standing at an impressive height of 100 feet, Casaroro Falls plunges into a crystal-clear pool surrounded by towering cliffs, creating a surreal, picturesque setting. The cool, misty spray and the lush greenery provide a refreshing escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. As you explore the surrounding area, you’ll find small streams and natural pools, making it an ideal place for a refreshing swim and a chance to reconnect with nature. Casaroro Falls is a true testament to the natural beauty of Dumaguete and offers a memorable adventure for those who seek to explore its pristine landscapes.

7. Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park

Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park

The Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park, situated in the lush highlands of Sibulan, just a short drive from Dumaguete City, is a captivating testament to the natural beauty of Negros Oriental. Comprising two pristine crater lakes, Balinsasayao and Danao, nestled between densely forested mountains, this park is a haven for those seeking tranquility and a glimpse of unspoiled nature. The lush surroundings and serene atmosphere make it an idyllic retreat for visitors.

These twin lakes are part of an important watershed area, supplying fresh water to the nearby towns and Dumaguete City. This 8,016-hectare natural park is not only a sanctuary for aquatic and avian wildlife but also a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. You can rent paddleboats to explore the serene lakes or go on a nature hike along well-maintained trails. This eco-tourism destination allows you to connect with nature, appreciate biodiversity, and take in breathtaking views of the lakes from the view deck. The Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park is a hidden gem that showcases the beauty of Dumaguete’s hinterlands and offers an opportunity for visitors to unwind in an unspoiled natural setting.

8. St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral

St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral

St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral stands as a significant religious and architectural landmark in the region. This stunning cathedral, also known as Dumaguete Cathedral, is a testament to the city’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Its construction dates back to the early 18th century, making it one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Philippines, and its enduring presence showcases the enduring faith and spirituality of the local community.

The architecture of St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral is a harmonious blend of Baroque and Neoclassical styles, characterized by its intricate façade and ornate interiors. The cathedral’s façade is adorned with intricate carvings and a towering belfry that is a focal point of the Dumaguete skyline. Its interior is equally impressive, with beautiful stained glass windows and a grand altar, creating a serene and contemplative atmosphere for both locals and visitors. As a place of worship, historical significance, and architectural beauty, St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral is a must-visit for those exploring the charming city of Dumaguete and interested in its rich cultural tapestry.

9. Manjuyod Sandbar

Manjuyod Sandbar, often dubbed the “Maldives of the Philippines,” is a hidden gem nestled in the coastal waters of Bais City, just a short boat ride away from Dumaguete City. This natural wonder is a sprawling expanse of dazzling white sand that only emerges during low tide. With crystal-clear turquoise waters on both sides, this sandbar creates a surreal and idyllic seascape. Visitors are treated to a unique and serene experience that feels like a remote tropical paradise.

The sandbar spans an impressive seven kilometers during low tide and is best explored by renting a traditional bamboo hut, locally known as “cottages.” These cottages are strategically placed on stilts in the shallow waters and offer visitors a place to relax, eat fresh seafood, and bask in the beauty of the sandbar. Apart from lounging and swimming, Manjuyod Sandbar is also a jumping-off point for dolphin-watching tours, which is a delightful experience for travelers of all ages. The breathtaking seascape, the tranquility of the location, and the opportunity to witness playful dolphins make Manjuyod Sandbar a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of paradise in Dumaguete.

10. Dumaguete Bell Tower (Campanario de Dumaguete)

Dumaguete Bell Tower

The Dumaguete Bell Tower stands as an iconic historical monument in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. This imposing structure, made primarily of coral stones, dates back to the late 18th century when it was constructed by the Spanish colonizers. Its original purpose was to serve as a watchtower and to warn the locals of potential attacks and natural calamities, particularly Moro pirate raids.

Today, the Dumaguete Bell Tower still graces the cityscape, having survived centuries of history. It stands as a symbol of resilience and continuity, offering a glimpse into Dumaguete’s rich cultural heritage. Visitors to this historical site can climb to the top of the tower to enjoy panoramic views of the city or simply explore the surrounding gardens and learn about the tower’s history through informative plaques. The Dumaguete Bell Tower serves as a reminder of the city’s enduring connection to its past and is a must-visit for history enthusiasts and those interested in the unique heritage of Dumaguete.

11. Mabinay Caves

Mabinay Caves, located in the town of Mabinay, Negros Oriental, is a network of limestone caves that offers an exciting and adventurous underground exploration experience. Known as one of the largest cave systems in the Philippines, Mabinay Caves boasts a series of chambers, galleries, and tunnels adorned with stunning rock formations and unique geological features. Caving enthusiasts and adventurers will find these caves both fascinating and challenging.

The Mabinay Caves are divided into several chambers, each with its own distinctive name and characteristics. Some of the more popular chambers include Crystal Cave, Panligawan Cave, and Matun-og Cave. These caves offer diverse experiences, from sparkling crystal formations in Crystal Cave to the serenity of the Matun-og Cave with its underground river. While exploring these caves, visitors can observe the unique flora and fauna adapted to the cave environment, making it a fascinating destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. The subterranean world of Mabinay Caves is a testament to the wonders of nature and provides an exhilarating experience for those willing to delve into its depths.

12. Pulangbato Falls

Pulangbato Falls

Pulangbato Falls is a hidden gem that captivates travelers with its natural beauty. The name “Pulangbato” translates to “red rock” in the local dialect, and it’s derived from the striking rust-colored rock formations surrounding the falls. This unique feature gives the falls an otherworldly appearance and adds to its charm.

Pulangbato Falls is more than just a visual delight; it’s also a natural jacuzzi. The warm, clear waters flow over the red rocks and gather in small, natural pools that are perfect for relaxation and soaking. Visitors can unwind in these pools while being enveloped by the sounds of the forest and the sight of vibrant greenery. The accessibility of Pulangbato Falls, its unique setting, and the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing and therapeutic bath make it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and anyone looking for a tranquil escape into the heart of Negros Oriental’s pristine wilderness.

13. Mount Talinis

Mount Talinis, often referred to as the “Cuernos de Negros” or “Horns of Negros,” is a prominent and picturesque volcano located in the Negros Oriental province of the Philippines. This majestic mountain rises to an elevation of 1,903 meters (6,243 feet) above sea level and is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, lush forests, and diverse ecosystems. It is an ideal destination for hikers, trekkers, and nature enthusiasts looking to explore the unspoiled wilderness of Negros Oriental.

The trails on Mount Talinis offer a variety of hiking experiences, from moderate treks to more challenging adventures. As you ascend through the tropical rainforests and mossy forests, you’ll encounter a rich array of flora and fauna, including rare and endemic species. The summit rewards hikers with breathtaking panoramic views of Negros Island and its neighboring islands, making the strenuous journey to the top all the more rewarding. For those who appreciate the great outdoors and are seeking a nature-oriented experience, Mount Talinis stands as an appealing and exhilarating destination that showcases the untamed beauty of the Philippines.

14. Aguinid Falls

Aguinid Falls

Aguinid Falls, situated in the small town of Samboan in Cebu, is a hidden gem for nature lovers and adventure seekers. This captivating waterfall is part of a multi-tiered cascade that flows through the tropical forests of southern Cebu. What sets Aguinid Falls apart is the unique experience it offers – a thrilling yet accessible climb up natural limestone formations to reach the higher tiers of the waterfall.

The waterfall is divided into five levels, each with its own natural pool and distinct charm. Visitors can take an exciting trek that involves climbing the limestone formations, passing through small streams and lush vegetation, making it an unforgettable adventure. For those looking to cool off in pristine waters, explore the enchanting scenery, and enjoy the thrill of climbing water-sculpted rocks, Aguinid Falls provides an unforgettable experience that showcases the Philippines’ incredible natural beauty.


In Dumaguete, the experiences are as diverse as the smiles of its people. From the tranquil shores of Rizal Boulevard to the awe-inspiring Apo Island Marine Sanctuary, this city has a unique way of capturing the hearts of all who visit. As you explore the historic sites, enjoy aquatic adventures, and soak in the culture, you’ll undoubtedly find your own reasons to love Dumaguete. So, pack your bags and immerse yourself in the warmth, beauty, and rich heritage of Dumaguete, where a world of wonder awaits.

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