Kodused Toidud Tallinn Food Review – Open 24/7

Kodused Toidud Tallinn Cafe Food
Kodused Toidud Shopfront. Credits: Tanel Tuuha.

Kodused Toidud meaning in English is homemade food. At any time of the day, even at midnight, if you’re carving for some local food you can head over to this restaurant, it is open 24/7. It is located just across Tallinn Bussijaam, so if you’re heading to another town in Estonia you can have your meal here first before boarding the bus.

Review of The Eatery

The restaurant is very cosy once entering, simply find a seat and head over to the counter to order. The Menu will be at the side of the counter. They do not have an English menu so do use a translation app such as Google Translate to translate.

The counter personnel does not know how to speak or understand English. So you will need to translate the menu on your own and order.

The menu will change daily according to what is available in the kitchen. It is similar to how you do not get to choose the food you can eat when you’re a child. But don’t worry, in this instance, you still have some choices to choose from. There are main dishes and soup.

Kodused Toidud Tallinn Resturant Food
Special Seasonal Main Dish

We chose the seasonal main dish which is shredded beef with cream cheese on top. Sides are pickled vegetables, potatoes and bread. The portion is actually quite big, you will definitely be full.

It is quite special, the texture is like canned tuna. The mixture of the beef with the cheese is a great combination.


The main dish that we ordered cost around 8.90€‎. The other dishes like soup cost around 4€‎. The main dishes’ price ranges from 6€‎ onwards.

Is It Worth The Trip Here?

If you’re going to Tallinn Bussijaam to take a bus somewhere I would recommend you to come and try their food. Otherwise, if you’re in Tallinn Old Town, this restaurant might be slightly out of the way.

The food here is as its name says, homemade food. It is meant for locals and also meant to satisfy your hunger. The food is of good quality and simple.

If you are craving some local homemade food then make your way over!

Restaurant Information

Opening Hours

Open Daily 24/7


Odra 8, 10144 Tallinn, Estonia

Website information: No website available.

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