5-Day Singapore Itinerary – Explore on A Budget (Updated 2023)

Marina Bay Skyline

Traveling to Singapore can be done on a budget while at the same time not missing out on the fun. Although Singapore is ranked high in terms of cost of living, it is not entirely true. There are really expensive places, there are low-cost places, and even free places and things to do.

The highest costs you are going to spend in Singapore are the accommodation and optional paid attractions.

Food in Singapore can be affordable at coffee shops or hawker centers. Plane tickets to Singapore are also cheaper as Singapore is a transport hub. Transportation around is by public transport and there is no need for any private transport which saves money as well.

Many attractions are also free which we will share more about in this itinerary. Packing for Singapore is also simple, there isn’t much to bring, and it’s summer all year round.

Most of the places of interest are located near the city center around Marina Bay. Singapore is also a small island with an efficient public transport network so transportation is convenient and fast.

In this itinerary, I will bring you on a journey of Culture, Heritage, and Food, without missing out on the tourist places that are a must-see for all tourists.

I have included 5 days of the itinerary, but if you are here for 2, 3, or 4 days, you can choose the days that you find interesting. You also do not need to follow the itinerary exactly, you can start from day 4 if you want.

I will be including a map for all the attractions and food options for this itinerary and also useful links for you which will save you a whole lot of time.

Budget Itinerary Blog’s aim for traveling is to not spend unnecessarily but through informed and proper research. Let’s start this itinerary!

Singapore Itinerary

Booking of tickets for the trip

It is best to book your tickets beforehand. This is to reserve your spot and also pay lesser than going directly to the ticketing counter. I would recommend that most attractions ticket be purchased by Klook as they usually have a cheaper rate than purchasing directly from attraction sites. At the end of this post, I will share the links to attractions so you can book the tickets that you need.

Day 0: Arrival in Singapore

Changi airport Singapore Arrival Hall
Changi Airport Singapore Arrival Hall

After arriving at Changi Airport Singapore, check out, take your luggage, and head over to Jewel Changi Airport. You may also consider walking around your terminal as Singapore is ranked the top airport in the world.

You must have heard of Jewel before coming to Singapore, it has the largest indoor waterfall. It is a breathtaking sight in the mall.  

Jewel fountain singapore
Jewel Fountain Singapore

Jewel is connected to the arrival hall at Terminal 1, if you are arriving at Terminal 3 or 2, you will need to walk through a link bridge to Jewel. You can get more information on how to get to Jewel at this link. Take a walk to the center of the mall and you can see the waterfall and the lush greenery. This is the time to take some photos! 

If you need to eat something, Jewel has many food spots but they are not exactly cheap. However, I recommend that you go to The Hainan Story Chapter Two located in basement 2 of the mall. 

The Hainan Story
The Hainan Story

Their concept is a mix of different brands of different cuisine with a Hainanese angle. You can see western food, Chinese food, etc. The price is one of the most affordable in Jewel and the portion is good too. From here, you can continue touring Jewel, or make your way into Singapore.

To travel into Singapore, you can take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or private hire like Taxi/Grab/Gojek. If you’re arriving near midnight, you can only take private hire. I would recommend that you take a private hire if you are traveling in a group or carrying multiple pieces of luggage.

The distance to the city in Singapore is not very near and lugging around your luggage is not convenient. Sharing a cab as a family or with friends will average out the fares. After a long flight, it would be great to arrive at your accommodations directly and save traveling time.

The cost from Jewel to the City will be around $20-$30SGD depending on the time and provider you choose. One tip is to download Grab and Gojek apps and check their pricing to see which is cheaper.

If you’re traveling light, before midnight, and do not mind the inconvenience you can head to the MRT. The MRT comes at an interval of around 10 mins for each train. You will need to change trains at Tanah Merah Station at EW4. You can also let the station counter know your destination and ask for their advice. You can download the Singapore MRT Map at the Land Transport Authority(LTA) website here.

Day 1: Sentosa Island, fun-filled activities

Start your day at 8:30 am: Try a local breakfast of half-boiled eggs and kaya toast. Use the MRT and head to Harbourfront MRT (Orange CC29/Purple NE1), and use EXIT A. Head to Seah Im Food Centre. (Note: Seah Im Food Centre might be closed for renovations till 1st quarter of 2023.

You can head over to Ya Kun Kaya Toast or Toast Box at Vivo City for this local breakfast too.). There are many things to eat at this hawker center with a wide variety of stalls selling different cuisine. What I would recommend is to try the Set Meal that comes with kaya toast, half-boiled eggs, and coffee/tea. You may consider stalls like Coffee Queen or other similar stalls. 

Morning breakfast egg with kaya toast
Morning breakfast egg with kaya toast. Credits: Zhi Xiang Lim.

How to order?

For the kaya toast, make sure that you want them to add butter. Butter kaya toast instead of just kaya and toast. Kaya is a type of coconut spread, that is really flavourful. For coffee or tea, there are many combinations, some adding condensed milk, some with more sugar. It is highly customizable. I have added some infographics on how to order the coffee and tea suitable for you. 

Kopitiam Kopi Ordering types
Different types of coffee to order. Credits: ConnexionSG.
Tea Ordering
Different types of tea to order. Credits: North East Community Development Council.

How to eat Half Boil Eggs and Kaya Toast correctly?

Crack the egg into the plate and stir it. Add some dark soy sauce and pepper to the egg and mix them up. Be careful not to over-add the dark soy sauce as it can get really salty. The correct way is to pour the dark soy sauce into the spoon first just in case you overpour. Use the kaya toast, dip it in the egg and enjoy.

Alternative breakfast

If Kaya Toast is not to your liking, you can consider Malay breakfast, Mee Rebus, or Lontong from Haji Daliman Korner. They are all really nice if possible just try them all! 

Mee rebus noodles
Mee rebus noodles. Credits: Soo Hin Yeoh.
Lontong. Credits: Abdul Nasheer.

10am: Head over to Sentosa Island. Go back to the MRT and head down to EXIT E. Go through Vivo City mall, take the escalator up to Level 3, Lobby L. You should see the crowd making their way to Sentosa too. Go to the ticketing counter and get a brochure from them. 

Take the tram to Sentosa, and alight where you have planned your activities. You may pay for the tram with your ezlink card. The cost would be around $3 and sometimes they do provide free entry. You can download the brochure for Sentosa here. 

You may also consider walking from Vivo City Lobby F, Level 1, using Sentosa Broadwalk. I wouldn’t recommend walking if you’re looking to save time. 

Check out our guide on what to do at Sentosa.

1 pm: Have your lunch at Good Old Days Food Court, located near siloso beach. It is a hawker-center style, so there are many options to choose from. 

Taking the tram within Sentosa is free of charge, you can take it as many times as you like.

Alternatively, for a better quality meal, you can consider trying Le Nu Noodle Bar. They are from the food chain Paradise Group. Their prices are also quite reasonable, there are noodles that are below $10. 

Le Nu Noodles Singapore
Le Nu Noodles Singapore. Credits: Anton 999.

I would recommend that you order their soup, it is really nice and made from real pork bone, boiled for many hours. If you’re ordering non-soup noodles, there is an option to add a bowl of soup, do that. Otherwise, just order their noodles in soup.

2:00 pm: Continue with your activities in Sentosa Island. Check out these most popular activities in Sentosa. These activities will take up your whole day on this island and you might not be able to try all as well so choose the ones that you prefer.


6:00 pm: Depending on the day of the week you go to Sentosa, you might be able to go to Magical shores. Magical shores is only open on Friday-Sunday, Eve, and days of Public Holidays. 7:30 pm-10:30 pm. If you are going to this attraction, have your dinner first. 

Magical Shores in Sentosa

For those who are not going to this attraction because it is not open or you do not wish to go, then you may take the tram back to Vivocity mall for dinner. However, prices at Vivocity are also priced slightly higher. If you want something affordable go back to Seah Im Food Centre or Kopitiam @ Vivo City

8:00 pm (Optional): This is what you can do if you’re looking for something affordable and relaxing. Go to Vivocity, head to their Fairprice Xtra, and buy a can of beer(cold) and some chips. Then head out to Sentosa Broadwalk, there are benches there where you can sit. The atmosphere by the water is really nice and calming.

Sentosa Broadwalk
Sentosa Broadwalk. Credits: kyaw swar win.

10 pm: Head back to the hotel. 

Day 2: A day of cultural immersion. Little India, Chinatown, and Kampong Glam.

8:30 am: Head down to Tekka Center at Little India for an Indian cuisine breakfast. Tekka Center is located right outside Little India MRT station. It is a mixed development of a wet market, a hawker center, and retail shops. 

Tekka Center Food Court
Tekka Center Food Court. Credits: Wikipedia.

You will be surprised at the amount of Indian cuisine available. For a more local Indian breakfast, try the Roti Prata. You can try Roti Prata Plain + Roti Prata Egg. Normally curry will be given for free, you can choose between fish curry, chicken curry, or vegetable curry. Roti prata is relatively affordable, it cost around $1-$3 depending on the type of prata you order. The pricing will depend on the stall you go to, some stalls might have set meals. Most stalls there are nice, you may choose stalls that have a longer queue.

Roti prata set singapore
Roti prata set Singapore. Credits: Jasper Lee.

You might come across stalls that sell Naan instead. Naan is baked while roti prata is fried. However, I would recommend you try Roti Prata instead as it is a famous local Singapore dish that most Singaporeans will eat. There are other kinds of food there as well, if you’re travelling in a group, order different dishes from different stalls and share. 

10 am: Walk over to Mustafa Center. While you’re walking there, take a look at the shophouses. These shophouses are under conservation status. Mustafa Center is a well-known shopping mall in Singapore that sells almost everything that you need. The prices are also very affordable, if you need any travel essentials for the trip, you can purchase them here too. They also have a money changer with relatively good rates which you can use. 

Mustafa Center Entrance
Mustafa Center Entrance. Credits: FlickreviewR_2.

Mustafa center has two malls joined together with a bridge, so be sure not to miss out on both parts of the mall. If you’re into perfume, you can head over to their perfume section where they sell below-market-rate perfumes. You can essentially spend hours here, so try to pace yourself as we have other locations to head to. In this itinerary, we are spending around 3 hours here. If it is not enough for you, you can consider coming back again another day. 

1 pm: Get lunch at an Indian restaurant nearby, and order their different dishes for sharing. One dish that I recommend would be Aloo Gobi and Palak Paneer, and you can also order Naan to pair with these dishes. 

Kailash Parbat Indian Food
Kailash Parbat Indian Food. Credits: Shreyank Shah.

The restaurant that you can consider is Kailash Parbat Restaurant which is just opposite Mustafa Center. Something special about this restaurant is that they also have Indian street food on their menu. If you want to try some Indian street food as part of your meal, try Pani Puri. It is a really authentic restaurant if you know what to order. 

Pani puri indian food
Pani puri indian food. Credits: Jun Mao Tan.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for other food than Indian cuisine, you can take a short walk over to Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant. They are a really famous dim sum restaurant in Singapore. Check out their pricing before entering, it might be expensive compared to the hawker center. 

Berseh Food Center
Berseh Food Center. Credits: Miyaku.

If you want a cheaper option. Walk further up to Berseh Food Centre, they have a wide range of local food options. Some option you can try is their oyster cake at Fu Zhou Poh Hwa. The prices at this hawker center are relatively more affordable compared to restaurants. 

2pm: Head over to Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam is a Singapore-Malay Quarters. It is also one of the hipster areas in Singapore with a vibrant nightlife at Haji Lane. You can reach Kampong Glam by walking from Little India. Use our mapped out route to walk to Sultan Mosque. If you have not downloaded the condensed excel itinerary, you may download the itinerary here.

Kampong Glam Mosque
Kampong Glam Sultan Mosque. Credits: By Zairon.

Walk around the area and take a look at the shophouses, there are many shops selling textiles like carpets and rags. There are also many Turkish restaurants in the area but the pricing is quite steep. Once you’re done touring head over to nearby Haji Lane. 

4 pm: Stroll through Haji Lane

Haji Lane
Haji Lane.  Credits: Sam K.

You can see many street arts in the shophouses and also many different interesting shops there. Have some photo-taking sessions with street art.

4:30 pm: Head over to Chinatown

Take a train from Bugis MRT to Chinatown MRT. There are many exits at Chinatown MRT, but the main attraction is Pagoda Street, Exit A. 

Chinatown Singapore
Chinatown Singapore. Credits: Ian Gillan.

There will be many souvenir shops which you can patronize and obtain some souvenirs for your family or friends. Walk around this stretch and make your way to the Buddha Tooth Relic Museum. The temple closes at 5 pm, so if you’re planning to go into the temple, shorten your time at Little India or Kampong Glam.

Chinatown Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Chinatown Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Credits: By Riction at English Wikipedia.

Please remember to dress appropriately if you want to enter the temple as it is a sacred place. This is what is said to be inappropriate attire on their website “Examples of inappropriate attire include (but are not limited to) short skirt, miniskirt, shorts, low cut top or dress, open/low back top or dress, off-the-shoulder top or dress, spaghetti strap top, and tube top.” Alternatively, you can also take pictures outside the temple as it is really beautiful too. 

6 pm: Dinner at Chinatown

There is really a wide range of food to choose from in Chinatown. These are the three main food options to choose from 

  1. Chinatown Complex Food Centre, the largest hawker center in Singapore sells different local food
  2. Chinese restaurants selling Chinese dishes 
  3. People’s Park Food Centre, sells hawker-style priced Chinese food.

Check out my guide to food in Chinatown Singapore. My recommendation for affordable and good Chinese food would be option 3.  While if you’re looking at local Singapore food, option 1. would be the best option.

9 pm Optional: Head to Ann Siang Hill for some nightlife

It is just beside Chinatown, the atmosphere is totally different there. There is no need to patronise the bars and restaurants there, just walk and enjoy the atmosphere.

10:30 pm: Head back to the hotel to end the day.

Alternatively, if you would like a guided tour instead, you can consider these Singapore Guided Walking tours below.


Day 3: A day of Nature, Luxury, and Shopping. Botanic Gardens > Nassim Road > Orchard Road > Dempsey.

Today is the day to “live” like a crazy rich Asian, I will be bringing you to places that will immerse you in the luxurious lifestyle in Singapore. Don’t worry, it will be done without spending much money. I would recommend that you wear some proper footwear that is suitable for walking as there will be quite a bit of walking to explore the different areas.

You may also consider bringing an umbrella in case of rain and also some extra clothes to change into after sweating. You can also wear a cap, apply sunblock and bring an adequate amount of water to fend off the scorching heat during the day. Now, let us start the day. 

8:30 am: Head over to Adam Road Food Center

This will be the starting point of our journey, we will be having a local Malay breakfast Nasi Lemak. We will be heading to Botanic Gardens MRT and use EXIT A. Cross the overhead bridge to Adam Road Food Center.

Adam Food Center
Adam Food Center. Credits: Adam Food Centre Facebook.
Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak
Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak. Credits: sp hp.

Try Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak, one of the most famous Nasi Lemak stalls in Singapore. They have different sets with different ingredients, with prices starting from $4.50 you can have a chicken wing set, fish set, otak set. However, I would rather you get the Royal Rumble at $6.50 and try the different dishes. 

Nasi Lemak Set Meal
Nasi Lemak Royal Rumble Set Meal. Credits: Samuel Lipoff.

Tip: This nasi lemak stall might be very crowded during the weekends, be prepared for a queue. 

10 am: Take a stroll through Botanic Gardens Singapore

We will be walking through Botanic Gardens to our next location at Botanic Gardens Nassim Gate. This is the route you can follow. You can consider following the route or using the map and making your own way there. 

Botanic Gardens Singapore
Botanic Gardens Singapore. Credits: Kunal Bhatia.

The garden occupies a very large area and once entered you will be transported away from the hustling and bustling of city life. The garden is portioned into different themed gardens such as Foliage Garden, Ethnobotany Garden, Fragrant Garden, Evolution Garden, etc. You can get their brochures to know where are the specific locations. 

Orchid is Singapore’s national flower if you would like to see different species of Orchids head over to National Parks Board

11 am: Walk through Nassim Road Good Class Bungalows 

Start from Botanic Gardens Nassim Gate and walk through Nassim Road. I have plotted out a route that is for the best experience.

Remember that Singapore is a land-scarce island, furthermore, this area is prime land. Each Good Class Bungalow (GCB) has a minimum area of 14,000 square feet. From what I researched, each GCB in this area cost an average of $50 Million SGD. Depending on the location and size it can go up to $230 Million SGD which is a real transacted price in 2019. 

Good Class Bungalow Singapore
Credits: The Peak Magazine.

Following the route, you will come across Arwaa Mansion which is owned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah, a member of Brunei’s royal family. It is said to be worth $120 Million SGD and I foresee that its price has increased over the years. 

As these are private residences, there aren’t many pictures, so head over there and have an eye-opening experience. 

12:30 pm: Have lunch at Orchard Road

There are many food options to eat at orchard road, prices might not be as affordable as in the suburbs, however, there are great food options that you can choose from. 

One place that I recommend is a really tasty Japanese Grilled Fish Stall, Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish at Ngee Ann City. I personally like their Hokke Fish or Hikari Fish Set.

Japanese Food singapore
Hokke Fish and Squid Set.

This is the Hokke Mackerel set, as you can see it is the whole fish that is given. If you order Salmon or Cod fish, it will only be a slice from the fish. Therefore, I feel that something more value for money would be set meals that include the whole fish like the two types of fish that I recommend Hokke and Hikari Fish set. 

The portion is quite large and can be shared amongst two pax. The pricing is around $18 per set, but it is really worth it. $18 shared amongst two pax is around $9 per pax. Compared to the food court nearby the cost is similar, while here you get quality. 

There are other options too if you find that it is too costly for your budget. There are several food courts around this area. The nearest would be Food Village at Takashimaya, which is roughly 10-20 meters away, when coming in you should be able to see it.  

Another food court would be Food Republic Wisma Atria Level 4. It is located a building away. It has many different food options to choose from too. 

2 pm: Tour and Shop Orchard Road

There are many malls on Orchard road, they can be broken down into two main types of malls, large departmental stalls, and malls that contain different individual shops. 

Large department stores include Tangs Plaza, Takashimaya, Shaw House, and The Hereen. 

Malls with individual shops include ION, Wisma Atria, Paragon, Lucky Plaza, Somerset 313, and The Centrepoint.

The malls that I suggest you visit ION, Takashimaya, Paragon, and Somerset 313. 

If you want to know more about orchard road check out our full guide to Orchard Road in Singapore here. 

5:30 pm: Take a stroll through Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill is an area of conserved residential shophouses with historic architectural styles. You will be surprised at how different the atmosphere is from the main bustling Orchard Road. 

6 pm: Dinner at Song Fa Ba Ku Teh

Ba Ku Teh is a local cuisine that sells different parts of pork in herbal soup. There are two main types of soup either dark or clear. Most places will sell clear peppery soup. Walk into The Centrepoint and look for Song Fa Ba Ku Teh, it is a restaurant-style setting. This is a very famous Ba Ku Teh chain restaurant and their quality and pricing are good. 

Song Fa Ba Ku Teh
Song Fa Ba Ku Teh. Credits: phuc trung pham.

Buy their pork ribs soup, which is their main dish. You can also refill the soup. Add the You Tiao and soak them in the soup. 

Also purchase their kidney, liver, pig stomach, or braised pig trotter. Ask for their dark soy sauce with chilli, dip, and enjoy! 

7:30pm: Shop at Decathlon @ The Centrepoint

When walking in for dinner, you will be able to see this large blue shop selling different sporting equipment and goods. You can consider taking a look as they sell many travel essential items. There are two levels so make sure you cover both levels. 

Alternative Option: Head over to Dempsey Hill

Google Map of Dempsey hill is Dempsey Hill You can take a bus there or take private transport, if you’re travelling in a group, I would recommend taking private transport as it is out of the way. Usually, locals will drive when they are planning to go there.

Dempsey Hill Singapore
Dempsey Hill Singapore RedDot Brewhouse. Credits: RedDot Brewhouse.

This area is actually former British army barracks that is converted into upscale restaurants and bars. Be prepared to spend at least $30 per pax if you’re planning to have your meal there. You can also consider eating your dinner first before coming. 

You can shop at Decathlon or explore Dempsey Hill, it really depends on your preference. Dempsey hill will cost more if you’re planning to dine or drink at a restaurant or bar here otherwise it would be free to just walk around and immerse yourself in the beautiful, calm, peaceful, and lively place.

Once done, head back to the hotel to prepare for the next day’s activity. 

Day 4: Downtown Singapore. Gardens by the bay > Marina Bay > River Cruise > Clarke Quay > Lau Pa Sat.

I will share with you the attraction ticket booking sites at the end of this section so you can book them in advance for your trip.

8:30 am: Head over to Gardens by The Bay

Gardens by the bay is a really popular attraction with tourists. The most popular attraction in the area is the Supertree Glove, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Supertree glove is free of charge while Flower Dome and Cloud Forest require paid entrance. 

Try to have your breakfast before arriving as there isn’t much breakfast option in the area. There is a Mcdonald’s in Gardens by The Bay and some food options at Marina Bay Sands, The Shoppes

Once reached, explore the area and take a look at the different varieties of plants and flowers. 

10 am: Make your way to Supertree Glove

Gardens by the bay
Gardens by the bay. Credits: Tom Allen.

There is no need to pay unless you want to go up to this bridge, however, in my opinion it is not worth paying to go up. 

11 am (Optional): View Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. 

You can get tickets from Klook at a cheaper rate. It is one of the main attractions of Gardens by the bay featuring exotic plants. 

Gardens by the bay flower dome
Gardens by the bay flower dome. Credits: Abhi Suthar.

12/1 pm: Lunch at Satay by the Bay food court.

It is located in Gardens by The Bay, simply walk over when you are looking to have lunch. It is the only affordable food option in the area, being a food court, it has many stalls that sells many different local cuisines. 

2 pm (Optional): Head over to Marina Bay Sands Skypark

From Gardens by the bay you will be able to see the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, you can make your way back to the MRT and find your way there. You will need to buy a ticket in advance for this attraction unless you are staying at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. 

Alternatively, you can also try a free version of the Skypark. It will likely not be comparable but it is a budget option. You can head over to a hidden rooftop at The Shoppes mall. You can walk directly from Gardens by the bay there. Marina Bay Overpass Viewing Point

Use this bridge and walk all the way through from Gardens by the Bay to The Shoppes. Do not stop at the hotel walk through the hotel and you will reach the rooftop garden. You can watch a video of how the rooftop will look like and decide if you want to consider this option. 

Singapore, roof top at the shoppes, Marina Bay Sands

3:30 pm: Walk around Marina Bay Waterfront

Marina Bay Skyline
Marina Bay Skyline. Credits: URA.gov.sg.

I have planned a route for you to follow, starting from Helix bridge > Floating Platform > Esplanade > Merlion > Boat Quay > Dinner. https://goo.gl/maps/jURbVB4b9RY33R157 .

6 pm: Dinner at Macpherson Barbecue Seafood

This is a Zhi Char restaurant selling seafood dishes. The prices are not expensive and rather affordable. They offer some seafood combo that is really delicious. 

Seafood stingray sotong meal
Seafood stingray sotong meal. Credits: Asturias.

This is the combo that I am talking about, you can choose a mix of squid/sotong, stingray, prawns, chicken, fish, etc. The price is around $10 for this combo meal. 

8 pm: Ride the Singapore River Cruise

After your meal, take a leisurely walk to Clarke Quay Jetty where you can take the river cruise. I personally feel that it is better to take a cruise at night so that you can admire the brightly lit cityscape. You will need to book a ticket beforehand at Klook, you can choose the timing for the ride. If you’re afraid that it is too rushed, go for the 9 pm timeslot. You may use this route to reach there https://goo.gl/maps/yHn3fZnk6U8WfMP86

clarke quay singapore
Clarke Quay Jetty. Credits: River Cruise Singapore.

10 pm: Walk around Clarke Quay Night Street

It is very happening at night with live singing at bars and clubs. You can find a restaurant/bar by the river and order a drink. One tip for saving money would be to head to 7-Eleven to purchase a drink instead of buying at the restaurants there. One can of beer cost around $3-4 from 7-eleven and $10+ from restaurants. 

After purchase, you can head over to sit by the riverside. You will see that many people do that too. Beware that there is no railing so watch your step. 

11:30 pm: Head over for supper at Satay Street @ Lau Pa Sat

This Satay Street is beside Lau Pa Sat, it only opens from 7 pm and closes at 3 am. Public transport will only operate till around midnight so be prepared to take private transport or walk back to the hotel if it’s nearby.

At 7 pm, they will close the road off and set up tables as shown in the picture. There are many Satay sellers there for you to choose from. If you have selected a stall you can ask them to find seats for you. They will usually reserve seats for their customers even though it is actually free sitting. 

Satay Street Lau Pa Sat
Satay Street Lau Pa Sat.
Satay Set
Satay Set.

Almost all stalls sell the same type of dishes. The only difference is the marinate they use for their satay and also their barbecuing skills. You can choose any stall you like and the difference will likely not be much. All stalls offer beef, chicken, mutton, and prawn satay. They do offer set meals too but the prices do not differ with individual sticks. You can consider adding ketupat rice to pair with the satay. Remember to dip into their peanut sauce when eating the satay. You may consider ordering a jug of beer too. 

Head back to the hotel after your meal. Below are the links where you can book the attraction tickets.


Day 5: A Day of Feasting. East Coast Road > Joo Chiat Road > Geylang > Old Airport Road

Singapore is known for its food and you will miss out if you did not try the Singapore local food during this trip. The previous days were all about activities and sightseeing. So today, you will be feasting throughout the day. Let’s start the day. 

10 am: Head over to Katong Mei Wei Boneless Chicken Rice

You need to try a plate of chicken rice when you visit Singapore. This simple dish is seen throughout the heartlands of Singapore and you can see a chicken rice stall at almost every coffee shop. This stall that I am recommending is one of the best chicken rice stalls in Singapore. The price might be slightly higher but the quality is provided. The shop opens at 10:45 am and be prepared to queue to order. Seats are also limited so find a seat first before ordering. Do not over-order, order to share rather than eating full, as we have other dishes to try throughout the day.

Chicken Rice Singapore
Chicken Rice Set. Credits: Tim G.

Something different about this stall is that they will provide you with free ah char, a dish of pickled fruit and vegetables. They will also give you a big bowl of chicken soup boiled with the leftover chicken bones of their chicken. Remember to add their black sauce and garlic chilli to the chicken or rice. 

11:45 am: Try Famous Banana Pie from Dona Manis Cake Shop

They are really famous amongst locals and only use premium quality ingredients. It’s really delicious so try it out. Last reminder, share the dishes as we will be eating more later. Remember that you are tasting and not having a full meal otherwise, you won’t have stomach for the later meals. 

Dona Manis Banana Pie
Dona Manis Banana Pie.

12:30 pm: Stroll to The Original Katong Laksa

Slowly make your way to Roxy Square, hope that you are not too full. We will be trying Laksa, another famous local dish in Singapore. 

The original Katong Laksa Stall
The original Katong Laksa Stall. Credits: Caleb Wang.

It is a rice noodle dish with coconut curry gravy. It is a must-try! 

Original Katong Laksa
Katong Laksa. Credits: Eri Taniguchi.

1:30 pm: Try a Bowl of Wanton Mee at Dunman Road Char Siew Wanton Mee

Slowly walk over to the location while exploring the area and taking a look at other shops. This is an area of mainly shophouses with interesting shops.

Dunman Food Center Wanton Mee
Dunman Food Center Wanton Mee. Credits: Kelvin Wee.

Order the dry version. If you take chilli, ask for chilli, it will make the dish much tastier. However, the chilli is really spicy so add portion by portion of the chilli to your noodles. 

3 pm: Take a look at nearby Peranakan Houses

You should be full by now, have a break from food, and take a look at some Peranakan houses in the vicinity. 

Peranakan Houses
Peranakan Houses. Credits: Luc De Pauw.

5 pm: Have some Vadai from The Original Vadai

They have multiple chain stores around Singapore. It is a kind of Indian bread that is fried with different ingredients such as ikan billis and prawns. Have it as a tea break snack.

Vadai Indian Food
Vadai Indian Food. Credits: D R Taylor.

5:30 pm: Head to J.B. Ah Meng Restaurant for Crab

It is a slightly longer walk from where you are to this restaurant which will help you to digest your food. Remember to make reservations at this stall as it will be a long wait without reservations. 

You will be trying their famous White Pepper Crab, their prices are quite affordable compared to other seafood restaurants. Select their medium-sized crab, if I am not wrong it should be around $55 for 3 crabs. 

Singapore White Pepper Crab
Singapore White Pepper Crab. Credits: David Poon.

You may also try their other popular dishes like fried bee hoon which looks like a pancake or their shellfish clam called “Sambal Lala”. This is a really delicious stall that I highly recommend. 

This is the end of day 5, walk around Geylang as there are other foods nearby, you can also try durian which there will be multiple stalls along the road. Durians are getting more expensive over time so ask for the pricing first before purchasing.

Map of Things to Do For The Itinerary

Food in Singapore

Singapore has a diverse races and nationalities. The four main races are Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Eurasian. This racial harmony has led to many different cuisines in Singapore. One interesting food option is the Hawker Centers which has a mix of multiple stalls located in one location. In Hawker Centers, you will see a wide array of food options of different cuisines from different nationalities. Food is also cheaper in these Hawker Centers and locals patronize them the most.

The smaller version of a Hawker Center is a coffee shop, which also has a mix of stalls selling a wide range of food. These coffee shops are commonly found in neighborhoods, to cater to residents staying nearby. You can find much delicious food at these coffee shops too that have been passed down for many generations. I do review food stalls in Singapore, they are all my honest review of the food places, you can check out the best foods in Singapore here.

You can find food almost anywhere you go in Singapore, the wide variety of savoury food and the convenience of getting them is why Singapore is a food haven in the eyes of many tourists.

Economy Rice Cai Fan Singapore
Cai Fan Stall with different dishes. Credits: Channel News Asia

The most affordable type of food in Singapore is usually the Economical Rice (Cai Fan), which you can choose different dishes you want and they will give each dish in a one-person serving portion. Prices are from $2 depending on what you order. Do not order fish and squid as it is the most costly option there.

Overall food is affordable if you know where to find it.

Transportation in Singapore

Transportation in Singapore is not difficult. There are Mass Rapid Transits (MRT), Buses, Private hires, and Taxis. The most convenient and affordable option is the MRTs. However, you might need to take other forms of transportation like a bus depending on the destination.

For public transport, you can use Apple Wallet or Google Wallet to pay directly with your credit or debit card, just activate payment mode and scan on the gantry scanner. It will auto-deduct after a few days. Alternatively, just buy a transport card from any MRT station, Bus Interchange ticket office, or 7-eleven.

Locals here seldom take taxis or private hire as there is no need for it.

You can download the train map of Singapore here. You can also use Google Maps and it will give you transport directions, although sometimes it might not be very accurate.

Things to Pack and Bring for Singapore

It is summer all year round in this country, with rainfall expected throughout the year. Temperatures are at an average of 28-30 degrees Celsius. Due to the hot weather, locals wear shorts and t-shirts for normal activities. Locals do not wear raincoats but carry umbrellas when raining. You can buy almost everything you need on this small island, so there is no need to overpack. Here are some essentials to bring on this trip.

  • Clothes
  • Bag for travelling around
  • Water bottle
  • Small Umbrella
  • Portable Charger
  • Cap
  • Sunblock

Accommodation in Singapore

On this small island, where should you stay? As a budget traveller, accommodations in Singapore are not cheap. This is because of the high property prices in Singapore.

The most basic hostel will set you back around $30/pax a night. A basic decent hotel room will set you back at least $50/pax. While during peak periods, the rates might increase. Airbnb or any short-term rental at residential homes is also not allowed in Singapore. This limits the amount of short-term rental spaces to hotels or hostels.

You will also likely want to stay near the city center and it will cost slightly higher too. Unless you have the budget for it, it might not be suitable for a long-term stay in Singapore.

However, accommodation costs might still be more affordable than in some high-cost European countries but it is definitely not cheaper than the neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam. You may check out our article on the best places to stay in Singapore.


Where to Stay in Singapore?

Staying close to an MRT will be the best choice that you can make. With an MRT, it is easy to travel to any attraction. However, staying closer to the city center is also a good option to save time travelling. Here is a map with a demarcation of MRT stations that I would recommend you stay closer to.

MRT map showing where to stay in Singapore
Find accommodation within the black boundary.

Attractions in Singapore

Singapore emphasises greatly on tourism and has created many tourist attractions. One of its most iconic buildings is the Marina Bay Sands. Most of Singapore’s attractions are man-made, with very few natural attractions. Attraction costs are not cheap but there are many free ones too, like Gardens By The Bay.

If you have never been to Singapore, you should at least try it out once. Singapore itself is an attraction, it is super clean and green. It is also highly urbanised, with practically no slums at all. It is very different from any countries you have been to.

Check out the most popular attractions that you must not miss out on below.


How many days is sufficient in Singapore?

3 full days in Singapore is enough. Main attractions can be completed in 1-2 days. Another day for food and shopping. Of course, if you want the full experience of Singapore, you need more days. If you have more days to spare, head over to the suburbs, outside the city center for a different experience. However, if you only have a few days to spare, just stay in the city center, it has more attractions and things to do. Singapore Tourism Board Statistics show that on average travellers spend around 3 days in Singapore.

What is the best time of the year to visit Singapore?

Singapore is summer throughout the year and you can visit at any time of the year. However, you can avoid the rainy season which is from December to March and June to September. This is just a forecast, so it might not be 100% accurate. Usually rain in Singapore last a short period of time, so bring an umbrella and it shouldn’t affect you so much. Tourism statistics show that monthly arrivals are usually quite consistent throughout the year before COVID.

Do I Need A Visa For Singapore?

Most countries do not need a VISA for either 30 or 90 days in Singapore. Check out if your country is listed under 30 days or 90 days visa-free entry here.

Check if your country is under the listed countries that require a Visa at the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore website.

Which Currency is Used in Singapore?

Singapore Dollar (SGP) is used in Singapore. No other currency is accepted here. You can bring your money to Singapore and change it at a money changer here too. Alternatively, use a travel card like Wise to convert your currency to Singapore dollars to do cashless payments.

Do I Need Cash in Singapore?

Cash is widely accepted in Singapore in 99% of places. While cashless payments might not be accepted in some places. Therefore, yes, you should carry some cash with you to make payments. The Singapore dollar is also a very strong currency and holding it is a good idea too. Otherwise, get a multicurrency card that is great for travellers. The card will automatically switch currency for you at the best rates, you may click the link below.

How Much Daily Budget You Need For Singapore?

Low Budget: $30 accommodation + $18 Food + $6 Transport = $54 SGD

Comfortable Budget: $50 accommodations + $30 Food + $6 Transport + $12 attractions = $98 SGD

COVID Requirements to Enter Singapore

There are no restrictions for all travellers. You can see the updated entry requirements here.

Final Thoughts

Singapore is a country that you must stop by when coming to South East Asia. There is no need to spend too many days here, 3-5 days will be enough to explore the island properly. There are many tourist attractions and cultural regions to explore. Another main attraction of Singapore is the food, you will be spoilt for choices. You will almost be able to find all kinds of cuisine on this small island. Transportation within the island is also very convenient, with MRT and buses that will take you to the different attractions. The costly part of this trip would likely be the accommodations, staying in a group might help average out the cost, or choose to stay in a hostel instead.

Although this is a 5 days itinerary, if you’re here for 3 days, just choose three out of 5 days from the itinerary depending on your preference.

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