3 Best Accommodations in Singapore for Budget Travellers

Singapore might seem to be a country that has a high cost of living, but the cost of food and attractions here is actually affordable. The only high cost could be attributed to the accommodations. However, just like in other countries, there are 5-star hotels that cost a lot and there are hostels and hotels that are for budget travellers. Something different about Singapore is that short-term rental like Airbnb is illegal in Singapore. 

You can only stay in hostels or hotels that have a license to operate. This is partly the reason why the prices are quite high as there are barriers to entry in the hospitality business. Looking on the bright side, the places to stay will be regulated and you don’t have to worry about being scammed so easily. 

In this article, we will recommend the best places to stay in Singapore for budget travellers whether travelling alone or in a group.  

How do we identify the best places to stay for budget travellers?

It is not as simple as just taking the cheapest place to stay and recommending them to you. We have to juggle different factors like cost, quality and location. It is also a comparison between accommodation from different booking platforms to find the best. We only recommend places that we feel are value for money and would stay at.

Chic Capsule Otel

Chich Capsule Otel is a great choice due to its prime location in Chinatown. It is located really close to Chinatown MRT as well which is just about 5 mins walk. You can even walk to Marina Bay from the hostel.

There are also many food choices in Chinatown to choose from. You can even go to one of the biggest hawker centres in Singapore, Chinatown Complex Food Centre, for affordable and good food.

Chic Capsule Otel Hostel Facilities

This hostel only provides single bed option, so it might not be suitable for couples who would like to sleep together on the same bed. It is good for groups as each person will have a bed for him/herself. The bed size used is a super-single size which is larger than single-size. 

Chic Capsule Otel Room

The bed is made like a capsule form, there is no door to the capsule but a curtain is provided to shield off the lights. It is like an upgraded hostel bed with more privacy. There is only a small opening at one side for you to enter, the other sides are covered. 

Chic Capsule Otel TV

One special feature of this place is that they provide a 32-inch SMART TV in your pod with headphones that you can use to watch shows. This is not seen in other capsule hostels around. 

Chic Capsule Otel Hostel Customer Reviews

Reviews from previous customers are mostly favourable. The good points that we got from the reviews are that the staffs are really friendly and helpful. The location is also very convenient. The space in the capsule is also big and the beds are comfortable. The pricing vs quality is one of the best in Singapore for a budget stay. 

However, just like any hostel out there when the need for sharing of bathroom arises, the bathroom is likely to be wet due to different people bathing at different times. Also, you might face some noise at night as it is only a curtain between you and the other person. The number of beds per room is around 14 beds per room too.

Budget Itinerary Verdict for Chic Capsule Otel

The best attribute of this hostel is the location, being located right in the central of Singapore with only a few minutes walk to the MRT will make your holiday here a very convenient one. The pricing might not be the cheapest but it compensates for the location and amenities. You can have your privacy and a huge bed to sleep in after a day out. 

We feel that the only problem with this hostel is the number of beds per room which will affect the usability of the bathroom. Even though there are many beds per room, you have your own personal space so it will not affect your privacy. If you’re a light sleeper, you might need to wear earplugs to prevent disturbed sleep. If you’re a couple, this might not be suitable for you as you will need to sleep separately. 

Price: Starts from $34 USD/night.

Check out Chic Capsule Otel Here.


CapsulePod at Aljunied is a cheaper hostel compared to Chic Capsule Otel, however, the location is not located in the central, where all the main attractions are. So why did we recommend this hostel? 

The location is right beside Aljunied MRT which is only 3 stops away from the city centre. The amount of food options is plentiful in the area so you don’t have to worry about food. 

CapsulePod Hostel Facilities

This is also a capsule hostel where you will have your own privacy in the pod. Instead of a curtain, they provide a pull-down blind to close the entrance.

Capsule pod at aljunied room

For couples who wish to sleep on the same bed, there is a double bed option for 2 pax here.

Capsule pod at aljunied room

They provide a kitchen where bread, cornflakes, milk, and jam are provided for free. Also coffee and tea are available 24 hours a day. 

CapsulePod Hostel Customer Reviews

The overall review is favourable for this hostel, some even said that they stayed here for one night, tried other hostels but end up coming back here to stay. The overall cleanliness is good for the bathroom and facilities. 

Reviews also mentioned that it is a good space if you would like to speak and interact with other backpackers from all around the world. 

You might need to bring a flip-flop as the toilet is usually wet as it is connected to the shower cubicles. 

Budget Itinerary Verdict for CapsulePod

We think that this hostel is a great choice if you do not mind the not-so-prime location. The overall review is favourable and it is very close to the MRT to go to different places of attractions. Couples can also sleep together on the same bed together as the double bed option is available. Free basic food and drinks are also provided which is a plus point for backpackers. You might not even eat the food provided as there are many food options nearby. We also do not see any reviews complaining about the number of beds per room, meaning it is not so cramped. 

Just like any other hostel, the bathroom might be slightly dirty depending on who used it before and you might be disturbed by others packing their stuffs or talking on the phone. This is the disamenity you have to live with when sharing a common space with others. 

Price: Single bed $26 USD/night.

Double bed $45 USD/night

Check out CapsulePod at Aljunied here.

Hotel Classic by Venue

This is a hotel if you’re looking for your own private room. The location is not very central but it is relatively convenient for the price. If you are getting a private hotel room in the central region of Singapore the price can go up to a few hundred dollars. This area is a bustling one as you have supermarkets, cafes and bakery shops along the streets. It is also located on Joo Chiat Road where there are many food options and sights to see. 

There are buses to the city or you can also take the MRT at Paya Lebar station which is around 15 mins walk away. There is a cluster of malls at Paya Lebar station which you can walk about. 

Hotel Classic by Venue Hotel Facilities

Hotel Classic by Venue provides rooms for 2 pax, 3 pax or 4 pax. The cheapest room is without windows, which is alright because you might not be opening the windows as well. However, for those who want a window, they have the option too, but at slightly higher pricing. 

hotel classic by venue 3 pax room

The bed combination for 3 pax is one double bed + one single bed, so two pax need to share one bed. 

Budget Accommodations in Singapore

While the bed combination for 4 pax is two double beds, therefore, you will need to share the bed. You will not have one bed per pax.

Each room comes with an ensuite private bathroom and cleaning will be done daily. You will also have a TV in your room which you can watch shows. It is a basic hotel with basic hotel room amenities.  

Hotel Classic by Venue Hotel Customer Reviews

Reviews are mainly good, with special thanks to the front desk staff for being friendly and helpful in providing good navigation tips to places of attractions. They are also happy that the hotel room gets cleaned every day and new bottles of water are provided. The convenience to restaurants and basic amenities are also mentioned. 

However, some complained that the room was small for luggage and there was no window. As the hotel is not located very close to an MRT, a short walk is needed. 

Budget Itinerary Verdict for Hotel Classic by Venue

The view that we need to take for a hotel is very different from hostels. The price is higher as you get your own private space, cleaner bathrooms and better sleep. The hotel staff also needs to clean your room and change your sheets and towels every day.. You will come back after a long tiring day to a clean environment and have a good rest. 

The location of this hotel might not be near to main attractions but there is a bus stop nearby that you can take a bus to the city. You can also have a nice 15 mins walk to the MRT while taking in your surroundings. 

It is also in a location that is actually very good for living if you’re not a tourist whereby there are malls and really good food all around. Here are some places to go around this hotel that you can consider

  • Joo Chiat Road
  • Paya Lebar Square
  • East Coast Park
  • Parkway Parade
  • East Coast Road
  • Geylang Road
  • Old Airport Road Hawker Center

Twin room: $90 USD/night.
Triple room: $135 USD/night
Family room 4 pax: $165 USD/night

Check out Hotel Classic by Venue here.

Final Thoughts on Accommodations in Singapore

Finding a place to stay in Singapore is not cheap. The minimum cost of a place to stay per pax is around $30 USD/night for a hostel bed. However, usually, tourists would not spend more than 1 week in Singapore so the total cost is still bearable. This should not prevent you from coming to Singapore as food can be really affordable. You can check out the cost of travel to Singapore to know about the budget you require here.

If you’re travelling on your own or with a group of friends who wants to stay in a really good location choose the Chic Capsule Otel.

If you’re travelling on your own, with a group of friends or a couple looking to sleep on the same bed and do not mind travelling a little then choose CapsulePod@Aljunied.

If you are travelling with family or as a couple and like your own private room with staff attending to you then choose Hotel Classic by Venue.

These are the best hostels and hotels that we have chosen for budget travellers based on affordability without compromising on comfort and quality. Check out what is there to do in Singapore here.

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