18 Best Things To Do in Boracay- Unique Places and Fun Activities!

18 Best Things to do in Boracay

No place in the Philippines can beat Boracay’s prestige as it has consistently been in the number one spot for the best travel destination in the Philippines!

Boracay is quite a paradise in itself with its beautiful beaches, wonderful atmosphere, and energetic ambiance that will surely keep you up on your feet and your toes on the sand! You might find yourself wanting to party all night because the nightlife here is enticing but you might also find yourself strolling the serene waters all day.

With over 13 beaches in Boracay filled with fun activities, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and many more, you’ll never run out of things to do! So, whether you’re going to Boracay for your honeymoon or you’re looking for a good time, you’ll definitely have a blast!

In this blog, we’ll talk about 18 of the best things to do in the Beach Capital of the Philippines, Boracay!

Best Places and Attractions in Boracay

1. Ariel’s Point

Are you looking for a quick thrill for your vacation in Boracay but don’t know where to start? Well, Ariel’s Point may just be the first place you’d want to visit!

Ariel’s Point is a popular cliff diving spot in Boracay where you can go diving off of a cliff and do other kinds of water sports. It is located near Buruanga, just off the coast of Boracay. It’s one of the go-to attractions on the island because of the thrilling cliff-diving experience as well as kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. There’s also a buffet-style lunch and an open bar where you can get an extra boost of courage before you go diving!

There are 5 jump-off points that you can try. The first one, which measures 3 meters high, is perfect if you have a fear of heights but still want to try diving off the cliff. The next ones measure 5 meters, 6 meters, and 7 meters. But if these are not enough for the thrill-junky that you are, then you can try out the highest jump-off point which is 13-15 meters high!

You do have to ride a boat for about 40 minutes to visit Ariel’s Point but the wait is worth it because even if you only want to swim around and not take the dive, you’ll still have a blast here!

Address: Batason, Buruanga, 5609 Aklan

Opening Hours: 10:30 AM to 5 PM

Day Trip Package: Php2,800 or $50 per person.

2. White Beach

If you’re asking why Boracay became so famous, simply head on over to White Beach and you’ll see the answer. This beach is the epitome of beauty when it comes to white sand beaches as this beach has powdery soft white beaches, crystal blue waters, beautiful sunsets, and many more!

The stunning White Beach in Boracay
The stunning White Beach in Boracay, credit: Hotels.com

This 4-kilometer-long beach is divided into three areas. First is Boat Station 1 where you’ll find most of the high-end, luxury hotels, and resorts. Boat Station 2 is where you can go if you’re looking for something to munch on or have a good meal. Lastly, Boat Station 3 is where you can stay if you want a more peaceful ambiance, away from the energetic life in Boracay.

Although White Beach is a very popular spot in Boracay and it surely is one of the most vibrant places on the island, it isn’t the only place you can explore but it is the perfect place to start!

Address: Boracay, Aklan

Opening Hours: Always Open.

Entrance Fee: FREE

3. Willy’s Rock

Who is Willy and what’s up with his rock? Basically, Willy’s Rock is a rock formation made of volcanic material.

The famous Willy's Rock
The famous Willy’s Rock, credit: guidetothephilippines.ph

Named after the nearby Willy’s Beach Club Hotel, Willy’s Rock is a popular landmark found in Station 1 because of its unique shape as well as the Catholic statue (Mother Mary’s statue) found on it.

Willy’s Rock is a beautiful place to take pictures, especially during sunsets when the rock casts some beautiful shadows on the sand. Taking pictures on top of the rock with the open sea as the background also makes for a perfect souvenir picture!

Address: XW99+7FW, Malay, Aklan

Opening Hours: Always Open.

Entrance Fee: FREE

4. Mount Luho

The best place to get the perfect panoramic view of Boracay is Mount Luho which is the island’s highest peak with an elevation of about 100 meters or 370 feet above sea level.

The majestic Mount Luho in Aklan
The majestic Mount Luho in Aklan, credit: Trip.com

To reach the peak of Mount Luho, you have to take a concrete trail that goes up. This trail poses a bit of a challenge for those who are not keen on trekking but the hike up is worth it once you reach the top.

On the top of the mountain, there are viewpoints that you can try. The first one is the “original” Stoy Mount Luho Viewpoint which is a bridge made of sturdy bamboo and wood. The second one is the Mount Luho View Deck which is the most crowded spot.

Some people come here during sunsets but locals prefer the sight up top during sunrise so you might want to consider coming here at sunrise too. Aside from the panoramic view, there is a zoo that you can visit on your way up. The zoo houses bearcats, monkeys, Brahminy kite birds, and others. And if you’re up for a more thrilling activity, you can go ziplining too!

Address: Boracay Mount Luho Road, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island, Aklan

Opening Hours: 7 AM to 6 PM.

Entrance Fee: Php 120 or $2.20 per person.

5. Puka Shell Beach (Yapak Beach)

Puka Shell Beach is quite special in the fact that it is a more private beach— something that the other beaches can not offer.

The peaceful Puka Shell Beach,
The peaceful Puka Shell Beach, credit: BoracayCompass

This beach may sound boring especially when people find out that there’s not much to do here. There are not a lot of resorts or restaurants, not many places to buy drinks, and there’s really nothing exciting here. So, you won’t really see tourists swarming around this area which is actually good if the energy at the other beaches are draining yours and you need a place to peacefully stroll in.

Despite not having a lot of restaurants or cafes, there are still joints where you can get drinks like fresh sweet coconut juice which you can sip on while you go sunbathing out on the beach. You can bring your own mat and go picnicking too. The beach is not but we don’t recommend you to swim here because they say that the water can get unexpectedly deep.

Location: Yapak district on the northern tip of Boracay Island, 20 minutes away from White Beach.

Opening Hours: Always Open.

Entrance Fee: FREE.

6. Bat Caves

The Bat Caves in Boracay may garner some mixed feelings as they’re both eerie and interesting at the same time. These are definitely great activities to do for adventurous people like you!

The flying fruit bats outside of the bat caves, credit: @jayvie Alcaide

These bat caves are famous for the variety of bats living there. There are fruit bats, flying foxes, etc. that are just quite fascinating to look at, especially in their natural habitats. Aside from bats, there are snakes in the area as well but don’t worry since they usually hide. You do have to take note that if you ever visit the caves, you might find the smell to be very pungent and the floor to be slippery because of bat feces.

One fun fact you do have to know about bats in the Philippines is that the largest species of bats in the world can only be found in the country. Known as the Golden-crowned Flying fox, its wingspan can reach up to 5 feet, 6 inches, and weigh up to 2.6 pounds! Who knows you’ll see one in the bat caves in Boracay!

To access the bat caves, you still have to take a hike through a jungle. The path will lead you to a man-made cave that was made for the bats to live in. You can also go for the second option where you’ll have to go on a boat ride which will take you to a natural cave. It might be quite difficult to find these caves yourself, so we suggest you ask locals where you can book a tour of the caves.

Location: Boracay Island, Ilig-iligan Beach

Opening Hours: Always Open.

Entrance Fee: Php200 or $4 per person which already includes a guide.

7. Ilig-Iligan Beach

The Ilig-Iligan Beach is as stunning as the other beaches in Boracay but it is located to the far end near Puka Shell Beach. This stunning beach is peaceful and more spacious than that of White Beach which is perfect if you want to have a bit of time away from the upbeat energy of Station 2.

Cute and colorful bamboo lounges at Ilig-iligan Beach
Cute and colorful bamboo lounges at Ilig-iligan Beach, credit: Trip.com

There are grass hut cabanas and bamboo lounge chairs here which are perfect if you want to take some rest under the sun. The sand here is creamy white and the water is crystal clear too! The islets, which can be seen in front of the beach, are ones that you might want to venture to if you’re a good swimmer.

Ilig-Iligan Beach is also a great spot to go snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports. You can also munch on some good food at the restaurants which can be found here too. Ilig-iligan is simply a nice beach to stay at with all the amenities you’ll need for a great day out on the beach but much quieter and more peaceful.

Location: Northeast of Boracay Island.

Best time to visit: This will depend on different factors like weather, availability of guide, etc.

Entrance Fee: FREE.

8. Crocodile Island

Crocodile Island may sound terrifying but there are actually no crocodiles here! Interestingly, the shape of the island as well as its foliage resembles a crocodile laying on its belly!

The Crocodile island that looks like a crocodile
The Crocodile island that looks like a crocodile, credit: Hotels.com

Crocodile Island is probably one of the best places to go snorkeling because of its untouched marine life and beautiful reef! Surprisingly, not a lot of tourists come here and there is no construction on the island. Basically, the island is uninhabited! So, you can expect that the underwater life here will be amazing!

This island is located 250 meters away from Tambisaan Bay and you’ll have to take a boat ride to visit the stunning island. The beach on this island is quite beautiful too which is not a surprise because, of course, it’s in Boracay. But you’ll find that the white sand here may have a bit of difference, probably much cleaner in a way.

You’ll definitely enjoy swimming with our fish friends in Crocodile Island!

Location: Southern corner of Boracay Island, 250 meters away from Tambisaan Beach.

Opening Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM

Entrance Fee: Entrance fee and other fees for Crocodile Island is part of Boracay Island-hopping packages. Read more to know about these packages.

9. Crystal Cove Island

Next on the list is a private beach that has become a popular stop for island-hopping tours in Boracay Island thanks to its beautiful white sand beach and amazing turquoise sea waters!

A view from Crystal Cove Island
A view from Crystal Cove Island, credit: Viator

Crystal Cove Island is located about 20 minutes from the shores of Boracay. It is a quaint island adorned with huts, play areas, and sculptures all around the place. The structures here may remind you of those islands that have been eerily abandoned in thriller movies but don’t worry, that’s just the aesthetic of Crystal Cove Island.

Locally known as Tiguatian Island, it became popular because of the crystal protrusions in the caves. One of the popular things to do here is to go snorkeling where you’ll get to see amazing marine creatures living in the area. You can also go trekking, exploring caves, and pigeon feeding but taking awesome pictures of this amazing site is perfect if you’re not up for any of the activities mentioned above!

Crystal Cove Island is definitely a hidden gem that you must discover!

Location: Malay, Aklan.

Opening Hours: 8 AM to 4:30 PM (last entry).

Entrance Fee: Php200 or $4 per person.

10. D’Mall

Shopping may be the last thing you have in mind while planning a trip to Boracay but it seems like it’s a must to complete the experience here!

The stores at D'Mall
The stores at D’Mall, credit: islandtimes.com

D’Mall is an outdoor shopping area that offers different products and goods like souvenirs, jewelry, paintings, and many more! You’ll find everything you’ll need for your beach trip, from bathing suits, beach shoes, flip-flops, and other clothing. There are even toys here for your little ones and food is simply everywhere in this area!

The restaurants here offer different kinds of food like western food such as french fries, sandwiches, and pizza but of course, we have to chow down Pinoy-style by munching on some deliciously tasty, freshly roasted Lechon!

Whatever you need, you’ll find it here at D’Mall! So, don’t worry if you ever leave some stuff because you can just head on over to D’Mall and you’ll probably find what you need there!

Location: Between Station 1 and 2 in Boracay Island.

Opening Hours: 9 AM to 2 AM.

Entrance Fee: FREE

Activities in Boracay

11. Scuba Diving

There are a ton of things you can do in Boracay and the first on our list is scuba diving.

This shouldn’t be a surprise since the majority of the sea waters in the country are quite beautiful and teeming with marine life. And with that being said, scuba diving in Boracay is quite an experience since the waters on the island are exceptionally clear and marine life here is vibrant!

You do have to get a scuba diving certification before you go scuba diving, that is if you don’t have one yet. If you already do, you can proceed to explore underwater life in many different diving spots! The currents in Boracay are quite mild which makes it for experts AND beginner scuba divers!

The awesome scuba diving experience in Boracay, credit: @La Bella Vlogs

12. Island Hopping

Most of the sites mentioned here are far from each other and a majority of them are actually part of island-hopping experiences. That’s why, if you’re looking to get the most out of your Boracay trip, we suggest that you go on an island-hopping tour!

You’ll get taken to the best spots for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and exploring. Islands included in these tours offer you pristine beaches like Crocodile Island. Most of the time, you’ll have the places to yourself since not a lot of tourists ever come to these islands.

The three most popular islands that are included in the packages are Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove Island, and Magic Island. All of which have amazing attributes and characters which you will definitely appreciate!

Enjoy the untouched wonders as you go island-hopping around Boracay’s surrounding islands!

Island-hopping in Boracay
Island-hopping in Boracay, credit: guidetothephilippines.ph

13. Mermaid Swimming

At some point in our lives, we’ve imagined ourselves swimming in the ocean, greeting fish friends, and collecting thingamabobs! At least, us at Budget Itinerary have!

For those who’ve always wanted to become mermaids, your dreams can finally come true because you can go mermaid swimming in Boracay! Transform yourself into a beautiful mermaid with magically colorful tails and fins.

This fun and artistic activity is surely one that you’ll treasure forever. And if you will be traveling with your little kids, they will surely love becoming mermaids too! Get to learn how to swim like a real mermaid through the classes conducted by certified mermaid instructors from the Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association!

Mermaid swimming activity in Boracay
Mermaid swimming activity in Boracay, credit: Klook

14. Paraw Sailing

Trying out Paraw Sailing actually connects you to the roots of the people of Boracay as these outrigger boats are the traditional way of navigating not just Boracay but also the islands around it.

You definitely cannot miss paraw sailing as this quintessential activity will complete your Boracay trip! A paraw boat can accommodate up to 10 people which is great if you’re traveling in a group but you’ll surely do just fine going on your own too! You’ll finally feel as if you’re Moana sailing a boat to find the heart of Te Fiti!

It’s best to go paraw sailing just before the sun sets as the changing of the sky’s colors is another beautiful sight you’ll able to appreciate while sailing on the paraw. But if a short cruise on this is not enough, you can actually go on an island-hopping tour on board this bad boy!

Paraw sailing during the beautiful sunset
Paraw sailing during the beautiful sunset, credit: Viaje Royale

15. Boracay Pub Crawl

If there’s one thing that Boracay is known for aside from its beautiful beaches, it’s the electric nightlife that pops up when the sun goes down! And there’s a popular way to enjoy the nightlife in Boracay— Pub Crawling!

Pub crawling is a fun way to meet new friends, get free drinks and booze, and enjoy the top 5 pubs on the island! It has gone on for 10 years or so and it has become one of the most “must-do” activities for people visiting Boracay.

With the pub crawl’s hashtag “turning strangers into friends”, you’re sure to connect with people you never thought you’d ever be friends with! You’ll play games with them, go drinking at every stop with them, you’ll basically have so much fun!

So, if you came to Boracay alone and you want to make friends quickly and effortlessly, then you should definitely go on a pub crawl!

The Boracay pub crawl and night life, credit: @Isla Story

16. Zipline

Just because you only came to Boracay for the beach experience does not mean that you have to only experience the beach! Why not go on a zipline?

Ziplining in Boracay gives you a stunning view of the whole island without having to go around it on a tiring and sweaty hike. This quick zipline is a great way to see Boracay from a different perspective. Going up isn’t a worry though since you’ll be riding on a cage-like gondola. And when you’re up on top, you’ll be harnessed and pushed down.

You can do this before your island-hopping tour or if you have extra time after the tour. Either way, it’s an awesome experience that you can try out!

Ziplining in Boracay, credit: @HH Blog

17. Kiteboarding

Another activity that adrenaline junkies like you, can do in Boracay is to go kiteboarding.

Basically, you’ll be riding on a surfboard that is attached to a kite and the wind pushes the kite. This activity is perfect for the strong winds of Boracay and perfect for you to try out because there are a lot of kite surfing shops around and you might get enticed. Especially when you see other people doing it!

If you want to try kiteboarding but don’t know how to, no need to worry because the kiteboarding shops can also teach you how to do it. Simply go to Bulabog Beach which is 1 kilometer away from White Beach. This beach is famous for its windsurfing and kite-surfing spots. The best time to do kiteboarding is from June to October when there is less rain.

Tourists kite-surfing at Bulabog Beach
Tourists kite-surfing at Bulabog Beach, credit: Rove.me

18. Parasailing

As you stroll the beaches of Boracay, sipping on your fresh coconut juice, you might hear the exciting screams of tourists getting whipped up into the air by a giant parachute and think to yourself, “I want to try that.” Well, you should because the experience is quite fun, it’s thrilling, and it’s one of the best ways to see Boracay from up above.

It’s quite easy to book a parasailing tour in Boracay because organizers will basically just walk up to you and offer you one. You’ll also find that boats are already in place, ready for you to hop in. So, all you have to do is gather up the courage to try it. No need to ask for a sign, this is your sign! Go parasailing in Boracay!

Parasailing over the sunset at Boracay
Parasailing over the sunset at Boracay, credit: Rakso Travel

What month is the best to visit Boracay?

The best month to visit Boracay would be during the ‘Amihan Season’ in the Philippines which runs from November to April. There’s less rain during this season and humidity is low which means that you’ll get that heat but you won’t be sweating too much! The sea water isn’t too rough but usually, the waters in Boracay are quite mellow.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Boracay went through rehabilitation after numerous issues and environmental problems surfaced. During that time, beaches were cleaned, hotels and resorts were checked for any violations, and no tourists or visitors were allowed to enter the island.

Today, Boracay is back on its feet as vibrant tourism makes its comeback as mentioned in an article by the Manila Bulletin!

Things are different now. Boracay was a hive of activity as I walked the beachfront. Local and foreign tourists abound. Restaurants and shops were making a heyday, while hotels competed with offers of discounts, live shows and music. Tourism, the island’s chief source of income, is back with a vengeance.

Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, PhD. “Boracay: Now on Rebound”. The Manila Bulletin, February 27, 2023.

You should plan out your tour around this year just to make sure that you get the best experience when there are still not a lot of tourists yet! Visit Aklan’s government website to get updates on the requirements you’ll need before you enter the island of Boracay.

How many days is enough in Boracay?

The answer to this question will depend on how much you want to explore. You can stay for as long as a week if you plan on exploring nearby islands such as the Panay Islands and Carabao Island. But if you simply want to enjoy Boracay itself, 2 to 4 days are enough.

How much should I budget for Boracay?

Boracay is no doubt a very famous island getaway in the Philippines and because of this, prices tend to be more expensive. We recommend you to set aside a budget of about Php3000 or $55 per day which is inclusive of accommodations, meals, transportation, and other activities. Disclaimer though, this does not include island-hopping tours but you can save more if you book one through our trusted booking websites for tours and attractions!

Frequent visitors to Boracay say that they’ve spent about Php2500 or $45 per day. That already includes $12 worth of meals, $23 on transportation, and the rest goes to the accommodations.

It’s the transportation that really takes up much of the budget since some drivers would take advantage of the tourists’ situations and would charge extra for the rides. So, you have to ask locals how much the usual fares are before going to a place.

Accommodations are also quite expensive, especially the ones that are situated near the beaches, but hostels and guesthouses are available too which are cheaper alternatives. Hostels can go as low as Php500 or $9 per night.

The downsides to these are some hostels are located far from the beaches so you still have to commute and the ones that are located near the beaches often sell out fast. But you can quickly book through the best booking websites for accommodations we’ve gathered for you to ensure that your rooms are already ready when you arrive in Boracay! These booking websites will also tell you which days are the best for staying and which have the most discounts and deals!

Yes, the cost per day in Boracay may be quite expensive but it will all depend on what activities you want to try out.

How much is the Entrance Fee to Boracay?

There is no entrance fee to Boracay, however, you will have to pay a terminal fee of Php100 or $2 when you travel from Caticlan via a boat. In addition to that, there is an environmental fee of Php75 or $1.36 which will go to the conservation efforts of the island.

The fares for ferries and boats usually cost around $1 to $2 dollars for a 10-minute ride from Caticlan to Boracay.

Is Boracay worth visiting?

Boracay’s reputation is untarnished as this has been hailed as the perfect island destination not just by the locals but also by tourists all over the world. Although we did not focus on the nightlife in Boracay, that in itself is a surefire way to enjoy the island life! The pristine white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and joyful ambiance come together for a fulfilling vacation.

So, YES! Boracay is definitely worth visiting!

The Philippines has a ton of destinations that are worth a visit and we’ve talked about them in our blogs! Check out these fun places to visit in the Pearl of the Orient Seas!

Have you been to the Philippines? What other countries do you want us to talk about? You can get in touch with us on our social media pages where you’ll also find more fun travel content!

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