Top 8 Best Cities & Towns to Visit in Vietnam – Most Beautiful, Adventure-packed, and Family-friendly!

Top 8 Best Cities and Towns to Visit in Vietnam | Budget Itinerary

Vietnam is a gorgeous country to visit! It has so much offer and even more for us to discover! From the high peaks of the mountains to the low waves of the seas and everything in between, Vietnam has it all!

There is definitely something for everyone here in Vietnam. It has some of the most amazing nature in the world, history is well-preserved, and adventures are just out there waiting for you! You can hike, trek or bike through the mountains here. You can swim in the sea or cliff dive to the waterfall pools!

In this blog, we’ve compiled eight of the most beautiful and most adventure-packed cities in Vietnam and we want you to tell us which ones you’d like to visit!

1. Hanoi

Full view of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long
Full view of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, credit: TripAdvisor

The first city to be on our list is none other than Hanoi which is a 1000-year-old city in Vietnam that is just full of history and culture! This is the best place to visit in Vietnam first since this city is the complete package especially if you want to learn about Vietnamese culture.

Revel in Vietnam’s culture and old traditions, walk through the paths taken by the ancestors, and immerse yourself in architectural wonders. Hanoi highlights both traditional and modern as this city in the land of the blue dragon has greatly progressed over the years!

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2. Sapa

Thac Bac or Silver Waterfalls in Sapa Vietnam
Thac Bac or Silver Waterfalls in Sapa Vietnam, credit: sayhellotovietnam.com

Sapa is the best place in Vietnam to see the well-cultivated rice terraces that we all know well about in Vietnam! The city is quaint and peaceful but the adventures are all amazing! It’s also one of the places in Vietnam where you’ll get to immerse in Vietnamese ethnic life first-hand!

Do you know what’s crazy in Sapa? IT SNOWS! At certain times of the year, the rice terraces are covered by white snow! That’s something you don’t see every day!

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3. Da Nang

Dragon Bridge in Vietnam during the day
Dragon Bridge in Vietnam during the day, credit: BestPrice Travel

Do you want to see a real dragon? In Da Nang, you can find an almost real dragon at its Dragon Bridge and it breathes fire too! It may not be real but it certainly is quite a fun site! That’s just one of the amazing things you’ll see in Da Nang!

Get to know the Cham people and their culture as well as ride your way through the scenic Hai Van Pass only in Da Nang!

The City of Da Nang is the best way to truly see the economic progress of Vietnam. With its skylines and natural wonders, the city is truly a force to be reckoned with! It’s also the third largest city in Vietnam and our blog about Da Nang really does not encapsulate the amazing things you’ll find there!

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4. Hoi An

The famous lantern boat ride at the night market
The famous lantern boat ride at the night market, credit: Central Vietnam Guide

This coastal city might just be the right fix for your next trip to Vietnam. Hoi An is an amazing city that was once a prime merchant destination some 300 years ago. Its history still lives on to this day with effortless preservation as people still live through the life of its ancestors.

Hoi An is also one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam and in the world! Wander around this ancient city and revel at the sight of the beautiful lanterns hung or afloat the Thu Bon River!

Hoi An truly is the bets city to explore if you want to experience the local life of Vietnamese people that have survived throughout the years!

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5. Ho Chi Minh

The Saigon Post Office’s elegant architectural style
The Saigon Post Office’s elegant architectural style, credit: Outlook India

Historically called Saigon, Ho Chi Minh can be considered the most popular city in Vietnam! It is the biggest city in the country too and because of this, you definitely have a lot of things to do here and so much more to spare.

Despite the war-rich history, Ho Chi Minh City has developed into a truly modern city, moving forward into one of the most progressive cities in the country. Here, you’ll be able to learn about the country’s past and enjoy the new life of Vietnam at the same time!

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6. Hue

Huong River aka Perfume River Sunset
Huong River aka Perfume River Sunset, credit: Vietnam Discovery Travel

Travel back in time to the days of the Imperial City of Hue! In this city, you’ll find yourself walking in the paths of the emperors who once ruled Vietnam! You’ll also get to see the beauty of nature here and it will make you feel as if you are an emperor or empress yourself!

Hue is such a gorgeous city with the river that flows through it! Go up the Bach Ma Mountain too and take in the peaceful life that still surrounds Hue! No matter what you come to Hue for, you’ll definitely din yourself all relaxed!

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7. Da Lat

Colorful blooming flowers in Da Lat Flower Garden
Colorful blooming flowers in Da Lat Flower Garden, credit: dalattours.com

The Little Paris of Vietnam, Da Lat is a hundred percent the most romantic city in the country! Da Lat belongs to this list because it is the perfect destination for honeymooners, couples, and people who simply want to experience romance even on their own!

The city of Da Lat offers you gardens filled with hundreds of flowers, romantic parks, and majestic waterfalls! The city may not have as many adventure-packed activities as the other cities on this list but the laid-back ambiance that Da Lat offers is still worth the visit!

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8. Nha Trang

The white Gautama Buddha nestled on a lotus leaf at the Long Son Pagoda complex
The white Gautama Buddha nestled on a lotus leaf at the Long Son Pagoda complex

Las on our list is Nha Trang, the most fun-filled city in Vietnam perfect for the whole family! The beautiful coastline in the city is insane! Unlike its surrounding cities, you’ll find a different excitement here, an excitement that might just keep you up all night!

If you plan on visiting Vietnam with your kids, you can take them to Vinpearl Amusement Park, Vietnam’s own Disneyland-like park! There’s so much to do here that one day is not enough to spend. You definitely have to add this to your itinerary. The activities we’ve listed on our blog don’t even give justice to how much fun you’ll have in Nha Trang!

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Vietnam’s Cost of Travel

Vietnam as a country is not a very expensive travel destination in the first place. You can definitely travel to country without breaking the bank! In fact, we looked into it and we found out that you only need $80 to spend a day in Vietnam! And if you plan on staying in the country for a week, you’ll only get to spend around $400!

To know more about the cost of travel in Vietnam, you can read our blog about it here!

Final Thoughts!

All of these cities have their own personalities that are all worth discovering. So, we really cannot tell you which one you should go to or which one you should visit first because to tell you honestly, we think you should visit ALL of them!

At the end of the day, it depends on your preference but no matter what city you prefer, we know that you’ll have a fun time there!

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